Moving to Fort Worth... CVICU/ICU hunting

  1. Hi all... new here....

    I am looking to start working PRN in Fort Worth, preferably in a CVICU, but will do ICU. I am moving from Philadelphia, so have no real bearing on Forth Worth Hospitals. Which is the most respected/well-known around town?

    Can anyone tell me a little about the different hospitals and their CVICUs or ICUs.... for example, number of beds, surgeries that are done (ie:heart transplant, valve, bypass, VAD, etc), and how much autonomy nurses have. Currently I work where nurses pull swans, chest tubes, have great order sets to go by.

    Pay rates for PRN nurses, weekend differentials etc?

    I have a phone interview with the CVICU/ICU at Baylor All Saints next week. Should I look into Harris Methodist or others?

    Can anyone help me out? Thanks a ton
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  3. by   RNDoc
    Anyone have any info??? Please..... :spin:
  4. by   TexeCuter
    Harris FW has a gorgeous new CVICU and was hiring recently. Good rep, too, and part of a 13 hospital network. I think they staff about 23-25 CVICU beds.

    Harris and Plaza (an HCA facility) probably do the majority of cardiac surgeries, with Baylor close behind.

    That's about all I know. Sorry it isn't more detailed. Not exactly my area...

    Good luck RNDoc.:wink2:
  5. by   fleur-de-lis
    I know that JPS is the big one for traumas - I honestly can't say for CV. I start my senior nursing student residency next week in the ICU of Harris HEB which is located just outside of Fort Worth in the Mid cities area. If you are interested in knowing what I find out, PM me and I'd be happy to share any info. Good luck!