Mountain View College Spring 2019

  1. Hi all! Haven't seen one for Spring application yet and I have some questions so I thought I'd start this!

    It says on the app that we need closed transcripts from all previous schools. What if we have one on file with admissions, does this count? Only one of my classes is from an out of state school and on econnect it shows transfer equivalent. I have an email in to Self-Drake asking but thought maybe someone would know sooner. TIA!
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  3. by   deemin220
    I'm applying for the Spring 2019 ADN program too! I'm currently completing college algebra and a few more support courses so I hope everything goes well!
  4. by   Fatise
    I'm applying also I was hoping someone started a thread for Spring 2019 yayy!
  5. by   Stephkallday
    Yay!! I have my app complete and will be going one day next week to turn it in!
  6. by   Fatise
    So will I!!
  7. by   deemin220
    Do either of you have any idea if a short term medical insurance plan would be acceptable for application purposes for the program?
  8. by   Stephkallday
    I'm not sure in regards to just application requirements. I'm sure they will check come time for clinicals because we have to be self-insured to attend. Someone already in the program may know more details.
  9. by   Fatise
    Yes it is acceptable I confirmed this with Ms. Drake weeks ago. I too have a short term insurance plan.
  10. by   deemin220
    Thank you! If you don't mind me asking one more question: I see that they changed the GPA requirement to 3.0, and I just wanted to confirm: the 4 necessary pre-requisite courses are 1. College Algebra 2. Intro Psychology (2301) 3. Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 4. Composition 1301 (English). And then of course the support courses that we can take to improve our chances, is that right?
  11. by   Fatise
    Right! But they just changed the gpa requirement back to 2.75. I seen that yesterday.
  12. by   mommyjenn88
    I will be applying for Spring sooo excited!
  13. by   deemin220
    Thank you!
  14. by   Stephkallday
    I wonder why they lowered the GPA to 2.75? ...maybe it stopped a lot of people from applying this time?