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Hi everyone, So, I have a lot of questions and I hope that all of you can help me find some answers. Some background on me, I have a previous degree in Kinesiology and have worked in cardiac... Read More

  1. by   2sedate
    I am concerned that the $25,000 sign on bonus sounds like a "to good to be true" scam. Does anyone have knowledge of this hospital and the working conditions?

    Thank you for the head up! I'll look into both of these hospitals. Good luck in your search also.
  2. by   HouTx

    Just out of curiousity, what type of work does your husband do? Are you taking this into consideration also? The non-healthcare job market is pretty limited in some of the smaller cities and certainly in the rural areas. I certainly don't blame you for escaping the frozen north. It seems that everyone is heading to TX right along with you... after all, we did have the largest population increase on the 2010 census.

    You have a great background & I'm sure that you'll be a terrific nurse. Best of Luck to you. Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. by   2sedate

    Thank you for the compliment. I hope that I will be a good nurse too!

    My husband has worked in landscaping/hardscaping for the last 5 years. However, with our move he's looking to possibly get into a new, slightly different career as the hard labor is hard on him physically. We've tossed around the idea of him going back to school also.

    The midwest is definitely no fun weather or economically speaking right now. It's supposed to be spring and we're still getting snow, sleet, rain, thunderstorms, etc. I think mother nature has it in for us for some reason. lol. My husband and I are definitely looking forward to a warmer client, yet we realize the extreme heat of TX will probably take some getting used to also.

    Thanks for your positive post!