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Just making a thread for Memorial Hermann's Graduate Nurse Residency program for Spring 2018, so we can keep each other updated on our process. Started filling out my application today! Super excited... Read More

  1. by   SPH.RN17
    I got an email today saying that for those who attended pre-match day, the match day interviews will be 10/23
  2. by   Pai90
    For what hospital is this for?
  3. by   Caffty
    Applied on 9/15/17 to MH Cypress (1st choice) and Memorial City (2nd choice) campus. ER (1st) and L&D (2nd), I may have been too excited and anxious when MH applications opened. For some reason, I thought I saw L&D specialty listed, but checked back on the list and it wasn’t for that location. I am a total idiot for that!

    The only email I have received was a change of campus location for my first choice. MH Cypress is accepting only BSN, I have ADN. That’s great news for candidates who have their BSN, I will work on mines soon. Katy is now my 1st choice in campus. Really doesn’t matter which location, I appreciate the opportunity to learn and practice with any given chance.

    Best of luck to all applicants and congratulations to who are a step closer to Match Day!
  4. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Does anyone know if they are still contacting people? Haven't heard anything back since applying and feeling pretty nervous about it
  5. by   Leesh101
    My friend received an email saying everyone should be contacted by the 13th! so don't lose hope!
  6. by   Leesh101
    Anyone who applied to Katy get info about match day? are all the interviews taking place at TMC?
  7. by   SPH.RN17
    @Pai90 Children's
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  8. by   Caffty
    Quote from Leesh101
    Anyone who applied to Katy get info about match day? are all the interviews taking place at TMC?
    Nope. No emails or any information for Katy campus yet.
  9. by   Pai90
    Both of my selections still say applied so I guess it's a no go for me.
  10. by   Caffty
    It is still early after application closed, don't lose hope! Mine says the same also!
  11. by   acomstock
    I haven't yet! I'm kind of going crazy about it because all of my peers have hear from other MH hospitals. Have you heard anything from Children's yet?
  12. by   aspiringnurse5924
    @acomstock I'm going a little crazy about it too! I put Children's as my top choice and I haven't heard anything yet.
  13. by   acomstock
    @aspiringnurse5924 Let me know if you hear anything! I hate not knowing if I just haven't been notified bc they haven't finished reviewing apps or bc they just aren't interested. Lol