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Just making a thread for Memorial Hermann's Graduate Nurse Residency program for Spring 2018, so we can keep each other updated on our process. Started filling out my application today! Super excited... Read More

  1. by   PearlGrey
    Quote from susnurse22
    Hey guys, I just got an email from one of my top two choices: MH Greater Heights! Anyone else hear back from MH TMC?
    Congrats on hearing back, great job!! All the other locations (at least this end of town) have not even started looking at applications, sheesh :-) I wish they would hurry up and let us know already :-)
    Good luck!!
  2. by   susnurse22
    Thanks PearlGrey!

    I have heard that as well. I preferenced Greater Heights first, so they were quick to start my interview process. They sent me a document with questions I had to answer as well as the personality test I have to complete before Oct. 11. Then the Match day will be just like very one else said.. Oct 24!

    I've heard that interviews are largely group interviews.. I wish everyone the best during match day!!
  3. by   Pai90
    Has anyone heard from Southeast memorial?
  4. by   gnab419
    I got my behavioral assessment email. I applied to TMC and Katy!
  5. by   PearlGrey
    Quote from gnab419
    I got my behavioral assessment email. I applied to TMC and Katy!
    Hi, congratulations!!!! Did you hear back from Katy directly?
  6. by   gnab419
    Not from a hospital directly, just a general email
  7. by   PearlGrey
    Ok, great, thanks!!!
  8. by   tokedo
    I received the behavioral assessments as soon as I applied, but the interview questions came in last week. I just answered the questions and emailed it back on Tuesday night. They are supposed to let me know whether or not I have been invited for match day by the 14th. I've been checking my emails every 5 mins lol.
    Has anyone heard about Match day? And how do you know what hospital is contacting you? Mine just says "Memorial Hermann Recruiter".
  9. by   gnab419
    I just received and email stating I need to send them my assessment, questions, transcript etc by the 18th for TMC. What cohort did you apply to? And I have a specific name, Ben M.
  10. by   gnab419
    Oh in the email it says "memorial herman-texas medical center" the name is from the person who sent it to me.
  11. by   tokedo
    I applied to Memorial City and TMC. The name I have is Karen M. and she's a recruitment specialist. It doesn't say which campus she's from. Did anyone else apply to Memorial City?
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  12. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Has anyone who ranked Children's as their first choice heard anything yet? Are y'all hearing back from specific locations you applied to or just Memorial Hermann in general?
  13. by   Lindseydw87
    What if we can't make it to match day?
    do we miss out on job interviews?
    does anybody know this information