LVN bridge programs- Houston area?

  1. Hello! We will be relocating to the Houston area this summer and I need info on all the different schools that have LVN to RN bridge. I currently work at a large hospital on a stroke/med surge unit in Texas and applied to a local program for summer, but didn't get in. Now we are going to be moving with my husbands job so I need to find a school! I know I will never find an LVN position in a hospital in that area.

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  3. by   HouTx
    Welcome to Houston! You're correct in assuming that there is very little likelihood of finding an LVN job in a Houston hospital. It will also be difficult to find one as an ADN, so I strongly encourage you to bridge to BSN if you wan to work in acute care.

    Here is a listing of all approved nursing programs in Tx - and what type of program they are. . Be sure to also take a look at this - It is the NCLEX pass rates for Tx RN programs for the last 5 years.

    This should enable you to make an informed choice. Wishing you great success in your educational journey.
  4. by   lisa-bo-bisa
    Please point me in the right direction for acute care... All the hospitals I have spoken too tell me no lvns. I plan on getting my BSN, but I need yo start some where. Are the programs super competitive like most places?