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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

  1. by   iamleeann
    I thought in orientation a comment was made that we'd be in nursing homes during the first semester. I could be totally wrong but something about clinicals in nursing homes was mentioned when clinical days were being discussed.
  2. by   ikegrad2002
    iamleeann, I remember them mentioning nursing homes as well but IDK if they would be as one of our "Clinical sites" or just for the beginning of clinicals.
  3. by   sapadgett
    iamleeann, I know there was something about nursing homes and I'm pretty sure they are an option as far as a clinical site. But, I don't remember anything specifically about it being the first one.

    ikegrad2002, I think the medical center is an option, although they may not use it very much. I remember when I was meeting with my nursing advisor to get everything ready to apply she told me that they have contracts all over including one even in Baytown! So even though they may not use them often, I think they are a possibility.
  4. by   ikegrad2002
    sapadgett Thanks for that info! Maybe I will get lucky and get the M.C. lol
  5. by   iamleeann
    I'm going to guess that we won't hear anything about clinical sites until the first week of school or maybe on the 11th.
  6. by   Jesbustos
    Hey guys ... So I'm officially in Quest basic!! I have TONS of questions... Is there anyone willing to let me contact them via phone or email ?
  7. by   hlc123
    Hey iamleann, what time is your wednesday lab?
  8. by   Jesbustos
    Do we need scrubs for RNSG 1105? What all do I need for the RNSG class ? Just the text book?
  9. by   ikegrad2002
    Jesbustos, I'm in the traditional program. I would have called you, but I don't know too much about the Quest program lol. For the 1105 class, all we need is the book and stethoscope I believe. At orientation I think they said we can just wear regular clothes.
  10. by   ikegrad2002
    Probably so
  11. by   sapadgett
    Quote from Jesbustos
    Do we need scrubs for RNSG 1105? What all do I need for the RNSG class ? Just the text book?
    Are you quest or basic? I thought they were different?! Lol

    And if you're Kingwood we do not were scrubs for the mini next week. We only wear scrubs on clinical days at the hospital. I emailed the director yesterday and she said next week we'll need the Nursing Skills book and a stethoscope.

    *This is all assuming that you're classes are the same as mine, of course, because I'm in the Basic Track.
  12. by   iamleeann
    Quote from hlc123
    Hey iamleann, what time is your wednesday lab?
    Wednesday from 7:00-9:00pm. What about you?
  13. by   iamleeann
    Jesbustos, I sent you a personal message with my phone number. I'm not sure that I can answer all your questions though. From what I'm gathering...just from reading each others message, Quest and Traditional sound very much alike except for the format of the class and time of completion (books seem to be the same, courses the same, uniforms, etc).

    We also don't have to wear scrubs for the mini-mester, just comfortable clothes but nothing that is revealing.