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  1. by   sapadgett
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    As a previous poster mentioned, at a glance, when you log into my lonestar it appears as if I am not registered. It even says "not currently registered" under "upcoming semester"; however, when i click on "my schedule and textbook info" and then select spring 2013 semester then my class info shows up. Also, if I login to Angel I can see my classes there for next semester. I hope that helps.

    I am confused too about what we need for next week. I am doing the evening class - it's in HSB 108, but I don't have any info on a book. I didn't see one on the list or on the bookstore's website. Maybe I need to go in person.
    I just sent an email to see what we need to bring for next. Hopefully I will hear something back. I didn't see a book on the list for that class, but I just want to make sure.
  2. by   sapadgett
    Did anyone know that U of H Victoria has an RN-BSN program through LoneStar's Univeristy Center? I'm really interested in doing this when I get my RN from Kingwood!
  3. by   sockmonkey
    Quote from sapadgett
    Did anyone know that U of H Victoria has an RN-BSN program through LoneStar's Univeristy Center? I'm really interested in doing this when I get my RN from Kingwood!
    I had no idea! That's great to know!!! I'm originally from Victoria
  4. by   iamleeann
    I did not know they had an RN-BSN program. Is there a link you could post sapadgett?

    Also, I have not been registered as far as I can see. I've checked: Schedule textbooks & syllabus (including the green highlighted schedule and textbooks link), class schedule / fee statement, and account balance. All links say that I am not registered for the 2103 spring term and don't owe any money.

    hlc123 - please let me know if you hear back. I will be calling thursday if I don't have a schedule by that time.
  5. by   iamleeann
    sockmonkey...are you in the traditional program or Quest?
  6. by   ShockEmRN
    Yeah UH Victoria is a good school, I'm excited they're starting to do it through Lonestar I think it's one day a week face to face and lasts about a year. Another great option that many RNs like are the 100% online degrees. Some of the best I think in Texas are UT Arlington and Texas Tech. Both are pretty affordable compared to most rn-bsn programs and it's easy to work while being in school because you do the program at your own pace. I'm thinking about doing Tx Tech's online rn-bsn degree after I graduate bc it's affordable and it's possible to complete your degree in just two semesters!! side note: I think tx techs program and lonestars program are around $7,000
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  7. by   sapadgett
  8. by   sapadgett
    Also, they returned my email about what we'll need next week (Kingwood). We need the Taylor Nursing Skills book and a stethoscope. That book is part of the book kit.
  9. by   sapadgett
    What I'm confused about is WHAT exactly to have to have done in order to apply for their BSN program. I have only taken the classes for LSC's ADN so I know there are a lot more I need to take. I just don't know if all the core classes (2 histories, governments, etc.) have to be taken before you apply for admission or if you take those after you've been accepted into their program??

    Does that make sense? Lol

    I need to just make an appt. to go speak with an advisor so maybe I can figure out if and what classes I need to take next summer on break for NS!
  10. by   ness27
    I have a question for Quest students (we should really make our own page because I'm getting confused around here! Ha). When you went to get your books and told them you were a Quest nursing program student, did you compare all the books to the list when you got home? My box of books has a maternity newborn and women's health nursing book by Ricci, not by Orshan like it says on our paper list we got on orientation day. I'mwondering and worried that maybe the bookstore gave me the basic track programs' books and not Quest (if they're even different?!?!) All the other books match up. I wanted to check with y'all first because I'm not getting any response via email or phone call from lonestar. Sigh.
  11. by   sapadgett

    I am in the Basic Track and my book kit included the same Maternity book by Ricci and my list showed one by Orshan. I saw that yesterday too! I bet they probably just changed books though.
  12. by   pRaYeRfuL
    thanks Alexandria you're the best
  13. by   iamleeann
    Thanks for the link. I'm assuming when it says begin by completing prerequisite work... that prereq courses would mean core courses but I'm not certain.
    Begin your Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) by completing the following:
    • An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) from the Lone Star College System, or an accredited associate degree or diploma program.
    • Evidence of an unencumbered, current Texas RN license and CPR certification.
    • Prerequisite course work.

    And we need we a stethoscope?! Thanks for that info. My husband is getting it for me for Christmas. I would've never brought it. Not even sure if it will be here in time. I might try and pickup a cheap one.

    As far as the books, they should be the same for Quest and Traditional...or at least that is the indication I got when I purchased mine.

    *meant quest and traditional not transition
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