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  1. by   pRaYeRfuL
    I have ordered like 3 of them so far. I noticed at the bookstore they came with cds and access codes so I emailed to see how necessary those things will be for classes. I know I can find the books cheaper but need to know if I need to make sure I get cds and access codes if they are needed for class and I never received an email back.
  2. by   sapadgett
    Going to pick up my books and pay for the mini...does anyone know if we need the lab kit for the mini?
  3. by   hlc123
    So I know we have the rnsg skills class next week, but when is the mandatory orientation?
  4. by   iamleeann
    Quote from hlc123
    So I know we have the rnsg skills class next week, but when is the mandatory orientation?
    You are in Quest, right? The mandatory orientation was on October 8 (when we did the drug test). Have you been registered for your classes?
  5. by   hlc123
    I was at the October 8 orientation, but isn't there a day in early January (Pizza Party) for orientation? I just don't have my packet with me that we received in orientation. I have been checking all day, and still have not been registered for class. I really hope to be registered soon!!!!
  6. by   ness27
    I am in Quest as well and have not been registered for the class next week. I also haven't received an email about next week...starting to wonder? I don't want to bother by calling them, but they really haven't been keeping is informed as far as the class times, materials, etc. I'm trying to be patient but don't like this last minute stuff!
  7. by   hlc123
    I am going to agree with you 100%! I sent an e-mail regarding these same concerns earlier....I hate to bother them, but I will be as flexible as humanly possible if I can just be informed!!! I need information, especially since the class starts next week. Surely they would have let us know if there was a reason we were not being registered? Well, keep me updated and let me know if you get registered so I can start freaking out!
  8. by   iamleeann
    So glad I'm not alone.

    The pizza party thingy is Friday, January 11, 2013 from 7:30-5:00 in building CLA 104.
  9. by   sapadgett
    I feel the same way as far as not being informed. :/ I have no idea what we'll need for next week other than the book that was on the list.

    Also, I bought my books today..the hard copy book kit was $570 plus another book needed for Nursing Skills 1 that was $100.
  10. by   JennBU06
    I'm also in Quest and have not been registered =(... hopefully tomorrow
  11. by   hlc123
    I have been checking all day long, still not registered Not sure what on earth is going on. I have called up to the college today, with no answer and still no response from my email yesterday. I know it doesn't seem very nice to bug them, but if I needed to know something by yesterday for my Job. I am holding everyone's schedule up, and they are getting ready to kill me.
  12. by   sockmonkey
    As a previous poster mentioned, at a glance, when you log into my lonestar it appears as if I am not registered. It even says "not currently registered" under "upcoming semester"; however, when i click on "my schedule and textbook info" and then select spring 2013 semester then my class info shows up. Also, if I login to Angel I can see my classes there for next semester. I hope that helps.

    I am confused too about what we need for next week. I am doing the evening class - it's in HSB 108, but I don't have any info on a book. I didn't see one on the list or on the bookstore's website. Maybe I need to go in person.
  13. by   ShockEmRN
    This post is for the cy-fair students-
    Here's the homework we got in the fall (it's probably going to be the same for spring tho) :
    RNSG 1209 (Intro to Nursing) -
    Read Chitty book, chapters 1-3, 5-7 and 14-16
    also download and read Texas Board of Nursing (Nurse Practice Act)
    RNSG 1115 (Health Assessment) -
    Read Weber and Kelley Book, chapters 1-6 and 9-12
    Read Taylor et al., Chapter- Nurse as a communicator
    RNSG 1105 (Nursing Skills I) -
    Read Taylor, chapters 21, 26, 27 (all except sterile technique) and 33
    Read Lynn chapter 4 (4-1, 4-2, 4-7)
    Self study and Review Pickar chapter 1 (fractions and decimals)

    Class schedule we had:

    Monday- 9-11:30 or 12:30-3 (Health Assessment 8/27-12/16)
    Tuesday- 9-11:30 or 12:30-3 (Nursing Skills I 8/27-10/21 & Nursing Skills II 10/22-12/16)
    Wednesday- 9-11:30 or 12:30-3 (Nursing Skills I 8/27-10/21 & Nursing Skills II 10/22-12/16)
    [FONT=lucida grande]Friday - 8-12 or 12-4 (Intro to Nursing 8/27-10/21)
    Online- Legal and Ethical Issues for Nurses (10/22-12/16)

    Also about the book cds.... I'm almost done with my first semester finals and I have not used the cds once this semester. I have however used the online access codes that come with the book (the little scratch off code that's written on the inside cover) but it's not mandatory, I just used it for practice questions just in case.

    If you have any other questions about cy-fair's first semester let me know, hope some of this helps