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  1. by   isela0523
    Thank you!
  2. by   jessicaamjm
    to: sapadgett
    has anyone PMd you about this? if not, here goes:
    in the KW ADN program, day class: Monday & Tuesday, lecture from 930a-12. Monday OR Tuesday, Lab from 730a-930a. Clinical is 630am-430pm either Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
    Evening classes are something like lab Monday or Tuesday from 330-530 or 530-730 and Lecture Monday & Tuesday from 730-950... (not sure on exact times because i'm in the day classes)
    hope it helps.
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  3. by   jessicaamjm
    to isela0532:
    on the HESI Nursing Entrance Test, you'll be taking Math, English, and A&P. lots of ratio/proportion on mine and a few conversions, g-kg and such. several definitions like "ubiquitous," grammar (spelling and phrase arrangement) and punctuation (where should the comma/apostrophe/semicolon go)...several A&P cell questions (mitochondria functions, etc) and things about hormones. that's what i remember.
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  4. by   sjohnson802
    Can anyone who is in the ADN program at any of the Lonestar campus' give me an idea of what the minimum score has been to get in?
  5. by   alex1987
    I applied to Cy-Fair for Spring 12 with an 11.47 and was an alternate. They eventually acepted me 2 months before the start date. I guess the lower score for acceptance during that session was an 11.5
  6. by   ShockEmRN
    Not too sure what the cut off score was for my group. I applied with an 11.4 for the fall 2012 semester and got accepted. Every semester is very different, it really all depends on the applicants that are applying that semester. From what I've seen, it looks like spring semester usually has a higher cut off score than the fall. So it varies greatly...I've seen it at an 11.6, 11.4, 11.1...and I think I've even seen it lower than that. I would say that an 11 or higher gives you a decent chance of getting in. But that's just a guess by what I've seen in the past. It might be something totally different when you apply.
  7. by   isela0523
    Has anyone taken the Hesi reccently? Can anyone let me know what to expect on the anatomy physiology part. Like what subjects to focus on. THanks!!!