kinda lost

  1. hello everybody

    I live in Austin/ Round Rock area and I love it!

    I've finished my pre-reqs for nursing, will take the HESI entrance on Friday.

    In the meantime- there is a waiting list- I will like to work in a hospital setting to get some exp.

    Probl is - I'm new to Texas- came from Canada- and I don't have any exp in the medical field, except that I help this person who is bound to a wheelchair, catheterize him and help him take a shower, getting in and out of bed; he's willing to give me references, but I don't know if it's enough

    How do I go about finding a job in a medical facility? I mean any entry level, like helping nurses and stuff; do I just show up and ask if they're hiring?

    Oh, and did I mention that I have no connections whatsoever? I hardly know anybody

    thank you for any sugggestions!
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  3. by   CSLee3
    Welcome to Round Rock!!! St. Davids Healthcare, which runs, Round Rock and Georgetown Hospitals, also North Austin has "PCT or patient care technicians". Depending on the staffing situation and openings, they will sometimes hire and train you, as well as Seton Healthcare, which runs the Seton Northwest and a new one opening soon near the outlet mall there in Round Rock. (I'm trying to keep you in Williamson County and avoid the traffic nightmare of commuting to Austin!!!). If these two chains don't have anything, check with the nursing homes in Round Rock, Pflugerville area, they do train and certify you with some strings attached. If you are applying to ACC good luck and don't get discouraged because of the wait list. Get a toll tag for your car!!! LOL Also you might consider Temple College in Temple or Taylor Campuses. You can drive to TC MUCH easier with less traffic and better time that fighting traffic on I-35. Best of luck in your studies!
  4. by   luli1410
    Hey ER dude!

    thank you for all your info; I'm just gonna go check it out; I am already into ACC, and they promised they gonna increase the # of students to 150 per semester, because it "dawned" on them ( their words, not mine) that there is a shortage of nurses; chances are- my GPA is really good- that they'll take me in in September

    Really good news about Seton opening up near the outlets
    Thanks again and all the best
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    You might have a chance of getting a job in a long-term health clinic if you have a hard time getting your foot in the door at a hospital. You might want to look into Unit Secretary jobs, too. Best of luck!
  6. by   momto2beauties
    I was going to suggest a unit secretary as well. I know some places in the DFW area will hire you for that job if you've had a medical terminology class. If you are waiting to start nursing school you might have a little time to get that class "under your belt". Good luck!
  7. by   luli1410
    thanks a lot for all the info!

    What is a unit secretary job- excuse my ignorance?

    Please advise! Is it worth to take a CNA course while I'm waiting to get into nursing? Even though I will have to retake it again once admitted to nursing school?