JPS July 2018

  1. Hi I applied to JPS for the July Nurse Residency. I wanted to know if any of you who have applied to JPS and if so have you been contacted with an Interview? I emailed them and they responded that they are still reviewing applicants and will schedule interviews Thursday Feb. 1st and Friday Feb 2nd.
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  3. by   yungfruitbat
    Hi! I was just wondering if JPS ever got back to you? Also what units did u choose as your top three?
  4. by   t100
    Hi I applied and haven't heard anything back yet. My top 3 units were general medical, l and d, and cardiac unit.
  5. by   paolahevia
    Hi no they didn't! It's looking like I won't get an interview since they start on Monday - Wednesday. My top 3 OB ER ICU. My heart is set on OB 100%
  6. by   yungfruitbat
    Awe I'm sorry to hear that! Keep me updated if. anything changes.
  7. by   1dayanurse
    Has anyone heard back? Everyone I know that has applied has not...was just curious
  8. by   paolahevia
    Not yet. will update if I hear back. Im wondering if they pushed the interview dates? For those who applied do y'all have ADN or BSN?
  9. by   1dayanurse
    Yeah, maybe so. I do not expect everyone to get an interview but I assumed at this point I would have heard of someone hearing something! I'm ADN here.
  10. by   paolahevia
    Same I'm ADN also.
  11. by   paolahevia
    have you tried emailing them for a status update? Ive emailed twice already so I don't know if I should again.
  12. by   1dayanurse
    No I haven't. Did they respond to you at all?
  13. by   paolahevia
    Yes they did. On Jan 31, 2018 (Wed )
    Hi Paola,

    We are still reviewing applications and will begin to schedule panel interviews on Thursday and Friday. (thats why I believe I didn't get an interview)
  14. by   1dayanurse
    Oh...well maybe none of us got interviews then, including people I know. I figured at least one person I knew would get one though haha!