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    what are the nursing job opportunity like in houston area? are nurses having hard time finding jobs? i'm in michigan now and i feel like i"m stuck with my current job because i cant find another job. i keep looking at job postings and there are only one job posted per day and most of them are part time.
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  3. by   Trueblood83
    I just moved into Houston from the suburbs in August. I quit my previous job at the end of March. I have been looking for nursing jobs in Houston and still haven't found one. However, I haven't been looking for positions that I am fully qualified for either. I have worked nightshift in Telemetry and Progressive Care, and I REALLY wanted to get away from bedside nursing and working nights. So I haven't applied for any positions similar such as in med/surg, progressive care, telemetry, or IMU. I have applied for over 20 jobs in the last 4 months (anything from informatics to clinic work). I've had one interview at a doctor's office and it was in Pearland (a suburb outside of Houston). They told me they decided they wanted to go with someone who lived in the area because of the long hours. There are a lot of positions available online though. Some of the major hospitals are St. Luke's, Memorial Hermann, Methodist, Baylor, HCA, Texas Children's.....You might check their career websites.