Job Market for Houston New Grads

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering how the job market looks for New Grad ADN RNs in the Houston area?

    I graduated with my ADN in Virginia where I also earned a year of CNA experience.
    I'm currently in Florida and have an active multistate license and I've just accepted a position on a med/surg unit. I'm also starting my BSN program in January.

    That being said, I've just found out that my fiancee will be stationed in Houston as a recruiter for the Army. I'm looking at getting about six months of RN experience before moving out there next May. Is this enough time?

    I know I will still be considered a new grad and I welcome the idea of a residency program. But do you think moving out there with 6 mos experience and only an ADN will be sufficient for even an entry level position in a hospital or home health setting?
    (I've just read a post about the hospitals only accepting BSN so I'm a tad worried.)

    Sorry to be long winded- this is my first post on here. Thank you all in advance for the kind words of advice! I'm pretty eager to get to the lonestar state!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Home health, yes. Hospital is less likely. If you already have six months of experience you will not qualify for a residency. Your experience may help you get a position, but the combination of only six months plus being an ASN will mean you might find it more difficult. If you have the option, stay where you are for a year.