I feel like my future is a mess

  1. I recently dropped out of the Howard College Nursing School in Big Spring,TX. due to some bad lecture grades that I had. Although I've failed I still want to become a nurse, but question wether I'm capable of being one. the class started off with 20 students and I was the 9th one to drop out and had 4 other students in class that was going to come down to the last test of the semester. I don't if anybody out there can tell me if this normal for half the class to drop out of the program or is it just me and the rest of the eight students that already dropped out and I'm talking about pretty bright students that have a high GPA. After starting the program I was informed by an LVN that graduated from that school that the drop out rate has always been high in the school's R.N. program due to poor teaching I believe around 60 percent of students that begin their program finish their program. The clinical part really didn't seem very difficult, however the lecture test is what I had the most trouble with. I felt like we really were not prepared well for the tests, the best way to study was to read over the 4-6 chapters that the test was going to cover. I know reading is important but I felt like I needed more help like a study guide, I'm just not that type of learner. Can anybody going through nursing school tell me if this is the way teachers normally prepare you for lecture tests? I'm probally going to be moving to the Dallas/Plano area since my wife might be getting a job there but am bummed out after reading into some of these posts about how difficult it is to get into the R.N. programs out there. I'm considering going into the LVN program and then transitioning to the R.N. program. Is the LVN programs really difficult to get into the Dallas area? Is it a better route if your more of a hands on learner? If anybody could give me suggestions I would really appreciate it, I'm so confused and frustrated and sure regret joining that program.
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    Hi texstudent1. I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time right now. I don't really know what to say about the half the class dropping. I'm in an RN program in San Antonio and while we have had a few people drop out it's really not that many. OUt of 100 people I would say we have lost maybe 7. While I do feel like I am prepared for the most part this is definately not always the case. Most instructors are great and explain things super well but then there are those that, well, just don't. For these sections I read read and read some more. I make my own study guides, I replay the info w/ a study group. Basically whatever it takes to get it in my head. I talk myself through everything I read until I know it. We don't get study guides but we do have the power point presentation that the instructor uses. I'm not sure about the dallas area as far as the LVN or RN programs there. I just wanted to say that if you want this bad enough, you can totally do this. Don't give up and just keep working at it. A positive attitude can go a long way I think. Best of luck with whatever you choose to do.
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    I don't think it is unusual at all. Many students do not realize how much of their time needs to be given to studying, class time, clinical time, and of course more studying.
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    Quote from texstudent1
    Is the LVN programs really difficult to get into the Dallas area?
    There's a school in Arlington, Texas called Concorde Career Institute. They offer an LVN program and do not need to look at previous college coursework. As long as you can pay the $18,500 tuition it is easy to be accepted to their LVN program.

    Arlington is about 15 miles west of Dallas.