how long does it usually take to get a temporary license once you submit the app?

  1. I'm applying for license by long does it usually take to get the temporary license?...back when I applied in Nevada it took only 5 days...wondering how long Texas takes so I can Start looking for jobs here..thanks
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I've endorsed to Texas twice and, each time, it has taken no more than one week to be issued a temporary license. The temporary license will be valid for 120 days.
  4. by   KtHospiceRNCM
    Once a temp license is issued, what is needed for it to become a perm. License? I'm trying to relocate from IL but don't have a specific time frame locked in (pending hubby's job options)? I'd like to get a Texas Rn license so my applications will get looked at. I'm looking to stay with Hospice and would like to set up interviews for March with multiple companies ( crossing fingers) TIA
  5. by   TheCommuter
    You work under a temporary Texas nursing license while you wait for a permanent Texas license to be processed and issued to you. A temporary license cannot turn into a permanent one because the two license numbers will differ.
  6. by   KtHospiceRNCM
    Ok thanks! I'm paying the $186 today, wait for fingerprint info, take this exam and I'm all set. Sounds good.