HCC LVN Spring 07

  1. I was wondering if there are others that got accepted into the LVN program for the Spring 07?
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  3. by   pink2004
    Well I'm Hoping I Get Accepted Back I Didn't Do Good In Pharm. Basically We Had To Read 10 Chapters Before School Starts And That Math Yeah I Need To Practice That
  4. by   kt24
    Sorry to hear that. When will you hear something from the school? Pharm is hard, I had to get into group for that. Split chapters up and all. I think that's the only reason that I passed that class. I failed two classes. One of them is skills, that means repeating clinicals again. That makes three classes to repeat. I didn't really have a chance to get back. There was also a GPA to maintain, and I fell a little short of that. On the other hand, you only have to take Pharm again. It would be crazy not to consider you for readmission. How did you do in the other classes? They might look at that, maybe? Good luck to you. I am taking all classes again. I hope to see you in Jan 16.
  5. by   pink2004
    all B's 1 A. i'm just sad i'm going to miss my classmates on the 2nd level. i ride the bus so when we get to clinicals i could keep my things in there car. yeah pharm was terrible i'm studying now most repeaters made an A's but i know it's difficult so i'm working really hard on that.so ur coming back that's good i'm suppose to get something in the mail maybe early january. i'm scared i was told that u can only repeat once and that's that. and tardies are a no-no. so i'll be threw in december looks like forever.but most people failed our math test. so when they say make good grades early on they're not joking. i calculated that say u make a 76 on all ur test u still fail so shoot for A's and high B's. u know some test r only worth 15 percent. oh yeah i'm trying to learn how to drive becuz not knowing how to is a disadvantage. well i'll hopefully see yall in january