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i took the hesi and got to see my final score report on the computer. but they wouldn't print it out for me (another school printed it out for me for another hesi i took). they said they would send... Read More

  1. by   natatat
    I know at first that TWU did not know what a "competitive" score would be because it was a new test, but they've already accepted their Spring 2010 applicants so they should have a pretty good idea already, right? I'm asking because a friend of mine asked again and the counselor basically said to just study and do your best, which is great advice but she still didn't say what would be considered a "good" score.

    I got an 84% the first time I took it (August, to see how it was), then an 88% the second time (for Fall 2010 admission).
    Also, supposedly the scores only get send to TWU at the end of the month you take them in, but I was told not to worry if you take them in August or January, because TWU will see what DATE you took the exam and will accept the scores based on that. If you had to take it a month before the deadline just so they'd get it in time, I'm sure they'd say so on the website. I assumed they got the scores immediately, like with the TEAS for UTMB, but I guess not.
  2. by   butterfly journey
    Well, I got an 89 on the Hesi the only time I took and I know someone who took it on Aug. 29th right before the Sept. 1 deadline and the scores were received at the first of Sept. I've been told they only get them once a month, and this time there was some sort of glitch with the Aug. ones and they had to be resubmitted to TWU by Elsevier.
  3. by   natatat
    butterfly journey: not to sound stalkerish or anything, but I was looking throught the TWU spring 2010 thread and you got accepted right? So could you give us some insight as to what would be considered a good HESI score, based on what you and other people got? And what GPA are they looking for? And is it really true that the Houston campus is not as competitive?

    I assumed that it might be easier to get into Houston because a lot of the people applying to Dallas are already attending TWU and get the GPA bump, but the majority of the people applying to Houston don't get the bump, so the GPA doesn't need to be as high, right? I'm hoping that I have a shot with a 3.7 GPA and and 88 on the HESI but I get so worried!!
  4. by   butterfly journey
    Natatat, no problem. I was accepted to the Spring 2010 semester. I actually took the NET test which was the test that TWU required before the Hesi. A competitive score on that test was a 70% or better (or so I was told by the counseling office before I took it). I got an 82% on that test (I assume that I would have gotten in had I applied that semester with my 3.70 GPA plus .4 bump). When they switched to the Hesi, I made an 89% on it, so my rationale is that you probably need to be somewhere around a 78% - 80% on the Hesi if you equate the tests. The only problem with doing that is they are WAY different tests. NET was a lot of reading comprehension and the Hesi is much more health science based. I did hear most of the other students that got accepted with me were around the 85% and up range.

    As for GPA, the lowest I've heard (including the bump) was a 3.80 GPA. But that's only what I've heard from a few people, so it could be lower. I have heard that the GPA is typically lower at the Houston campus (probably for the reasons you stated). Remember too that it's not just what your GPA actually is, it's how you rank against others that are applying. They take the top 100 or so students, but how they give weight to the Hesi score vs. GPA to combine them for a total score is anyone's guess. I guess what it comes down to is "you don't have to be the fastest runner you just need to be running ahead of most of them".

    Hope that helps a bit.
  5. by   natatat
    Quote from butterfly journey
    "you don't have to be the fastest runner you just need to be running ahead of most of them".
    Thanks, you're such a great help! So compared to your class it's anybody's guess to say if I would have made it in or not. I'm hoping I have a shot for Fall 2010 and crossing my fingers for the whole "Houston is easier to get in" thing. lol I didn't apply to Dallas because I had already heard that it's harder, plus even if I got in I probably wouldn't be able to go! Relocating isn't really an option for me, unless I don't get into any of the schools I'm applying to now.. then I might consider it.
  6. by   Schmaltzey
    so to anyone that has taken the hesi recently.....I am taking it on Jan 28th and I am scared! My main question...is there anything that is NOT on the actual test that is in the study guide? I don't want to waste time on studying something that is not on it. Also...I took the NET and hated it!!!!! I did bad on the reading....is the hesi a little easier?
  7. by   Schmaltzey
    butterfly......so I am taking the Hesi on Jan 28th...I'm really nervous! What advice can you give me? I have a few questions.....is the reading as easy as it seems in the study guide? The reading on the hesi study guide is a million times more easy for me than the net which I did not do well on. I have also heard mixed answers on the math....is the practice math test in the back of the hesi study guide pretty close to the actual test?
  8. by   natatat
    I thought the HESI Study Guide was pretty good for the Reading, Math, and Grammar portions. And then it's especially helpful for the Vocabulary section - all of the words that were on my test were in the study guide's vocabulary section (although the test is different for everyone).

    The only thing that the HESI study guide was not helpful for me with was the Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, and Biology sections. It just seemed too broad to be helpful and a lot of it was just "HESI hints" telling you to make sure you know such and such but not actually telling you. So if you still have your A&P, Chem, and Bio notes or textbooks you should use those to study more on the sections that the study guide points out (because that's really all it does is "point out" important things you should study). Also, I found the Science Practice Test much harder than the actual test - also, in the Study Guide they lump all the Science into one test but when you take the HESI it will be three different sections.

    But basically the questions in the study guide will come up on the test (not all, and not the exact questions obviously) so study the material (and study supplemental material for the science, if you can). For the reading, math, and grammar it's questions of the same kind so if you're concerned for the reading then just make sure you can answer those types of questions.
  9. by   Schmaltzey
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much! That is what I was looking for. I guess I will get out my old science notes. Kinda nervous about the chemistry...I took it a million years ago. Thank you again, I'm sure you'll hear from me again! haha
  10. by   AnnyLPC
    I thought the Hesi was pretty easy. I took Chem and A&P I and II many(many) years ago. I only studied the study guide and I did fine! My score was high enough to get me into TWU. I found the tests to be really basic. Kind of a macro perspective. Study the guide and look up anything you are unsure of. Try to relax and you will do better. Good luck!
  11. by   huggiebear1979
    hi everyone,

    I'm starting my nursing program at midwestern state university at wichita falls today, but it's a two and a half year program and I would like to be done sooner,so I was curious once you start the actual nursing program, how long does it take to graduate? Also it had an accelerated program too, and I was wondering how long that one takes as well,thanks

    by the way I think this is the wrong forum for this question but didn't know where else to put it, oh and the location I was looking at was Denton...
  12. by   huggiebear1979
    and I am refering to the TWU nursing program..
  13. by   AnnyLPC
    Hi Huggiebear,
    TWU has a bunch of different programs. I am pretty sure they are all 2 years with the exception of the fast track post bac one. That one is 15 months, May-August of the next year. I am in the weekend program and we start now and will graduate in Dec 2011.