Has anyone tried this company?

  1. Because I had twins two months ago I had to leave the nursing field because child care is so expensive. I plan on going back in a year or so but still need some sort of income ...and a break from the kiddos for sanity sake. I found a website that allows you to buy scrubs wholesale and resale them. It says you can choose your selling price etc and sounds very profitable.

    I dont know anyone who has done this or ever heard of them. They are called Nurses Direct....anyone else know if they are legit or how it works?
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  3. by   IamRN
    Have you cosidered a prn and/or agency position for those times which you may have childcare arrangements?

    Good luck!
  4. by   PBAJS
    i had not even heard of them until i read your post.

    i went to www - nurses - direct - com (not a typo, i put in spaces and hyphens so it would not become a link). (nurses direct and nurses station the same?) if this is the site about which you are asking ...

    did you read the affiliates, nurses station affiliate agreement and the "click here for more details on our affiliate program" (faq) pages?

    i did not read where it said you would 'buy scrubs wholesale and resale them'.

    legit? yes, i'm sure it is for them. doesn't appear to be anything i would want to do.

    how it works? here's my two cents ...

    at the affiliates page, it states - our affiliate program is a way to earn money by placing nurses station banners on your site.

    do you have a website? if not, you may need a domain name, host and know how to create a website. from the faq page - your web site must be live in order to join the program.

    when a site visitor clicks on your nurses station banner, you make a commission on all purchases made by that user! ... you'll earn 5% on all sales made during user sessions originating from a link on your site.

    i visit your website where there is a clickable banner to their site. you would earn 5% on my purchases. in the future, i would probably go directly to their site resulting in no earnings for you?

    you'll be a member of a professionally operated affiliate program brought to you by the premier online resource for people who love animals, nurses station .

    animals? how are animals related to nursing?

    nurses station has installed the finest affiliate tracking software available. view your statistics and commission reports anytime, 24 hours a day. nurses station provides personalized affiliate support services for all your needs. we are dedicated to providing you, our affiliates, the merchandising, marketing and technical support that will make a difference to your bottom line.

    is this support free or what is the cost?

    4. you'll receive personalized assistance.
    this easy-to-set-up program is made even easier with personalized assistance from a team of professional merchandisers and marketing experts primarily responsible for your profitability. experts can get you up and running quickly, and they're happy to help you with questions down the line. most important, they will be advising you regarding merchandising and sales techniques that are designed to increase your sales.

    from the faq page - something is wrong with my code. will you look at it and correct it for me? - with so many affiliates, there is no possible way that we can look at each site's code individually.

    oops, that must be two cents x 10.

    btw, found out where animals comes from. at the bottom of the page you can go to their other sites: homeroom catalog | openplease catalog | whales & friend catalog
    read the affiliates page. looks like they used the same paragraphs from the whales & friends catalog.

  5. by   GracefulRN

    Congratulations!, but I can understand needing a wee break from the wee ones. I have heard of resaling wholesale scrubs although not from that exact website. My suggestion is that you post your question in the nurse entrepreneur section. The people there are very knowledgable and I know they'll be glad to help you out. Good Luck and Congrats again.