going to apply to san jac south lvn program

  1. Hello all,
    I want to know if any of all have or will be applying to the lvn nursing program at San Jac south or north campus?? I will probably apply next week. I am just waiting to get my transcript updated. Im very nervous and I think I might not get in.. Please help!! What do they base their selection on?? Im just a nervous wreck..
    Please Help!!
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  3. by   valpprince
    Girl...I applied to the LVN PROGRAM at San Jac for Fall 2011...I am just as nervous as you...I have heard so many different things about the selection process...last thing i heard was that they were basing it off of Hesi Scores...if so then hopefully I get in...I scored a 91 on that...but there are people that can definately score higher than that.... I just wish they would hurry up and make the selections...lol
  4. by   ssalinas2610
    How long ago did you apply? i got my transcript today so I will be going to do the application tomorrow. Im planning on applying to the north and south campus. Hopefully one will accept me!! have you taken any of the classes?
  5. by   valpprince
    I applied a few weeks ago....I took ap 1&2 and I took Nutrition online....I only applied to south campus due to the commute. I hope I get accepted.... How did you do on your HESI?
  6. by   ssalinas2610
    The north campus is lk 10 minutes farther than the south to me to but I really dont mind driving a little bit more, as long as somebody accepts me. Lol!! Thats good. I also have taken those 3 classes. I got an 87 in the HESI. I wasnt happy with the score but I couldnt take it again. =( but oh well!! My friend applied for the summer and she said that one of the girls there had gotten lower than a 75 and she still gotten accepted. So we defitely got a chance. Specially you cause you have a higher score.
  7. by   valpprince
    Hopefully we both get in!!! I just wish the time would go by quicker!!! Lol
  8. by   ssalinas2610
    Yes hopefully!! =) I know! I dont what ima do all that time that ima have to wait. Whats your name?
  9. by   valpprince
    Valerie... And you??
  10. by   ssalinas2610
  11. by   ssalinas2610
    So i went and turned in one of my applications. I went to the north campus and i asked when should we be getting acceptance letters and she said mid to late july.. im guessing we have to wait that long since the dead line is June 30th... =/
  12. by   mersonsgrace
    Good Luck to all applying. I was thinking about applying for fall but many people have told me their clinical sites are located all over Houston & surrounding areas. I may still apply there if I don't get in my first choice. I am already finishing my associates at San Jac this summer. How was the HESI? I took the TEAS and wonder how it compares to that test.
  13. by   valpprince
    Has anyone found out what they base the acceptance on..... is it based on the Hesi scores alone or is it based on additional criteria
  14. by   2011JT
    I just applied to the north campus yesterday and I'm not scheduled to take the HESI exam till July 6th. When I asked when we should hear something about being accepted she said it would be about a week after that. Did any of you study for the exam? I have been out of school for a long time and am so nervous about this test. And yes they are accepting people based on your HESI score.

    Does anyone know how many people get accepted into the program? I can't wait!!!