Fortis in Dallas- New school?

  1. I'm trying to decide whether to go to Concorde in Arlington or Fortis in Grand Prairie, but not finding much talk on Fortis at all.

    All I can find is that they are on an initial approval, but have a warning. (warnings are given for having lower than 80% passing rate)

    And from what I can tell on their website, they're more expensive than Concorde, and will only give you limited financial aid as the net calculator of tuition shows that I would only get half of what I could get at concorde.

    Does anyone know anything about this school or went there?

    Here are my sources btw.
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  3. by   curiousfifi
    whoa okay. definitely not going to fortis after finding this.
  4. by   HouTx
    Whoa! That's a hot mess. Thanks so much for sharing this.
  5. by   hateprivateskools
    Omg!! Fortis College Dallas Tx does not only have an initial/warning but also going down the hill. I hope they last a year or two more.. Their customer service sucks, their academic advisors need special training. They are all aggressive and rude. As a matter of fact I went there to make an inquiry the other day as I was sitting and waiting for almost two hrs with my aunt, this little African girl came out crying coz (the big pregnant lady one of the directors of the school) had told her she will never succeed in nursing coz her transfers had some Bs and no As. She also said that as long as she had a gpa of 2.8 or something which was their minimum she won't even let her have her check her vitals... She said to her that she did poorly and looked like she will never pass her Nclex.. I was shocked , my mouth and eyes were literally wide open. This girl was calm and all she said to her was your not God and she knew what she was capable of. We had to leave immediately..
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