El Centro Spring 2018 Nursing Program Hopefules

  1. Hello Nursing hopefules!
    I will be applying for the El Centro Nursing Progam for spring 2018. I wanted to know if anyone else is working on their applications and how far along. Here to provide and receive support and help. I currently have 26 points without the HESI. I was only missing 3 points from the RN-BSN courses. I have taken the HESI 2 times before and there would always be one subject (grammar) that held me back from submitting my application. I did not take the HESI seriously and never studied for the test. This time is different. I have been studying my head off for 2 weeks now. Taking the HESI for the third and final time Feb 11. Hopefully I get to meet some future el Centro students here and start our journey together!
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  3. by   DedicatedLVN
    I will be applying for the Spring 2018 as well. Taking the Hesi in April...I know lol I need more time to study..I should have around 20 pts before hesi..I have all shots required..jus need a physical.. HW about u?
  4. by   lindaapham92
    I currently have all my shots. I do need to redo my physical because it's been 2 years since my last one. It's just the HESI that is holding me back. How are you planning to study on the HESI? I have spent a lot of money on apps and study guides . Doing practice tests helped a ton for me to prepare.
  5. by   DedicatedLVN
    Well I'll be getting the Trivum hesi A2 n the cliff notes anatomy and physiology book soon.. I Just have the hesi A2 book frm my schools bookstore n I jus dnt feel tht is enough..n lik u I believe the grammar will b the hardest fr me..are u applyn to other schools.. Tcc..n Grayson are also on my list. I hope other hopefuls join you n soon..I hve been on this site fr years n I'm so excited I can finally join in
  6. by   MelissaKN
    Do you know when HESI calender will be updated? So far I see only February dates and they are filled up.
  7. by   lindaapham92
    No I am only applying for El Centro. I just came back from the HESI . My scores: reading comprehension 96, grammar 94, vocabulary 90, anatomy and physiology 84, math 92. The HESI was tough! PLEASE study in depth ! I was very disappointed in myself for making a low score in anatomy portion.
    Hesi hints: was what did the vegetarian eat to make her skin pigment strange? Wtf. I didn't study this anywhere. Know the parts of the brain and what they do!!! Know the chemicals in the skin (not just melanin). Know what 2 minerals the bone store! Know what gland secretes earwax. Know the major arteries! Like the popliteal artery located behind knee. Know difference between cell membrane and cell wall! Hardly anything I studied was in the HESI review book so please use other sources! Omg I hope this helps!
    But anyway, I will be applying with a total of 37 points.
  8. by   lindaapham92
    I have no clue. But if you send them an email they will most likely get you into one of the feb dates, if you are ready. They are not really (full) of students.
  9. by   MelissaKN
    Thank you, I actually took HESI in january and applied for fall 2017, Im asking for the friend of mine, she will be applying for spring. I got 5 points for anatomy, 7 for math and 1 for English I wish I was a native speaker You have high scores, I don't think you need to worry about.
    P.S. How many points will you applying with?
  10. by   lindaapham92
    I will be applying with 37 points. How many did you apply with?? I only received one point for a&p which was extremely disappointing because a&p is my strongest subject . Please tell your friend to study study study!
  11. by   MelissaKN
    Im apllying with 32, I think that 37 is pretty good. Remind me in one month and I let you know what was the passing score Did you do all shots?
  12. by   lindaapham92
    I redid all my shots not thinking that I could get a copy of my shot records back in Oklahoma. I wasted a lot of money on that. I am missing the last dose of hepatitis because I gave up on nursing awhile ago. I'm just hoping my childhood shot records will have everything I need. I hope u get in!!
  13. by   MelissaKN
    Just make sure that you have all shots done, otherwise you will be dropped. Also the flu shot. I used Walmart clinic as it is cheaper when you are uninsured, and I found " cheap" place for xray as my test turned positive.
  14. by   lindaapham92
    Yeah I know, they changed all the requirements. So annoying.I just received my childhood shot record and I have everything!