Duty to Report, Peer Review

  1. Can someone give me information on RN duty to report unprofessional actions where the RN is the Director of Nursing and the other person in an LVN working under the RN. Is the RN to report to the board such actions regardless of whether there is a Peer Review Committee/Process and if there is not Peer Review Committee or policy in place when the actions occur is it feasible to wait until the planned committee is in place? Who is responsible for the Peer Review Committee, the DON or the Administrator? And if the Administrator also holds a nursing license how does that impact the situation? What role does the Administrator play here? This is the Long Term Care setting
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  3. by   purplemania
    Your facility should have a policy regarding peer review. You do not have to report it to your facility first, however. Contact the BNE to voice your concerns. They will give you the official scoop. The purpose of the BNE is to protect the public.