Does anyone knows about Southwest General Hospital in San Antonio?

  1. Can anyone tell me about southwest general hospital med-surg floor?
    Is that a good place to work for LVNs?
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  3. by   iHeartNICU
    I have never worked there, never been there, or never known anyone who worked there but just hearing things through the grapevine I have heard that it is not a great place to work. Sorry I'm not more of a help but thought I'd at least tell you what I have heard.
  4. by   COCO73
    Thank you so much^^!
  5. by   johnwaynehair
    On of the RNs in my ICU worked there--did not like it. PT/RN ratios are too high on Med/Surg, she said. That was about 5 years ago; maybe things have changed...
  6. by   Ashera
    Worked agency there for several months. Was offered permanent many times - I saw too much to ever feel comfortable as full-time staff -
    Very high, critical pt ratios - lots of admissions/discharges in one shift - Staff very unhappy, stretched to the max - lots of internal problems - thus lots of agency nurses. Unit secretaries held med surg and tele hostage - if you were 'in' you got messages, got your orders faxed down, if you were not - then you fought uphill for those things you could not control and needed others to facilitate the process. CNA's were very good - when they were staffed adequately. Often they were short 3 or 4 on day shift - Supplies well stocked. Pharmacy attentive -
    Not a safe place to work for LVN's as little back-up - and staff RN's could often be so overwhelmed themselves - they could not do their end of what was needed - ie: chemo drugs, hanging blood, initial assessments - things LVN's were not- by license able to do -but in the end - it would be your pt - your responsibility to see those things were done. Very seldom got out of report on time.

    If you've already started working there - best of luck to you. It might be getting better. If you have not - then please consider other options. In my opinion - it is a very unsafe, low-moral, downer type place to work -