Did anyone attend Univ. of Texas @ Arlington?

  1. I am current attending Community Collge taking a couple preq. courses. I want to enroll in the nursing program at UTA. Nursing will be a career change for myself, I was previously attending school for Business Admin....but decided it was not for me. What were your experiences at UTA? Was the entrance exam difficult? What material or study aids did you use to prepare for the test? Any feedback on the program will be great!! Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   momto2beauties
    I am a student there now, and will be starting clinicals in January. They actually do not require an entrace exam. They will basically take all the applications they receive, narrow them down to about the top 200 or so and then call those individuals in for a writing sample and interview. From there they choose their top 100.

    Good luck to you, I'd be happy to answer any questions that I can!