Covenant School of Nursing Fall 2010

  1. Has anyone else applied for the Fall 2010 nursing class at CSON?
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  3. by   jmonies
    I applied to CSON. I also applied to Tech. I heard back from CSON but nothing from Tech. Do you know if anyone has heard from Tech? Did you hear back from CSON?
  4. by   Corlee
    Hey! I did hear back from CSON and am on the alternate list. I did get in at South Plains SON though. What about you?
  5. by   jmonies
    I was also an alternate for CSON.. UGH! I want to know how many alternates they picked. Do you know by any chance? Did you apply to Tech?
  6. by   jmonies
    Congrats on getting into South Plains by the way! Is that where you are going to go?
  7. by   Corlee
    Thanks! I accepted the SPC admission but am still waiting because I would rather goto Covenant seeing as to how I live in LBK and would rather not drive back and forth. I am curious as to how many alternates CSON has as well, I heard that last year (number unknown as well) that all of the alternates were admitted. I did not apply to TTU though. Are you able to PM on here?
  8. by   jmonies
    Oh great! I am freaking out so bad... You made me feel better about it at least! I went and turned in my deposit and I talked to someone who worked there. She told me that she thought they had like 10 to 20 alternates.. Maybe we will start nursing school together in the fall!!
  9. by   Corlee
    Ohh, yeah I went and turned my deposit in on Tuesday morning but did not get the chance to ask any questions. I really hope to get in at Covenant...I still have to take nutrition this summer though, have you finished all of the pre reqs?
  10. by   Corlee
    I am trying to figure out how to PM but not sure if we can or not.
  11. by   jmonies
    I dont know if we can pm??.. you may have to pay for that. I have finished all my prerecs! I am ready to go... if I can just in get somewhere. lol
  12. by   jmonies
    I got your pm, but it wont let me send anything back?? Sorry!
  13. by   jmonies
    heyy... Did you get an email from covenant today?
  14. by   TexasCatLover
    Do you guys know if Covenant has accreditation from any college yet? I know they have NLN and TSB, but I also know they are working hard at trying to set up an affiliation with Lubbock Christian U.