correct calculation of Intake & Output

  1. I need some advise ..just started working in a Nursing home...nightshift ..
    generally everyone is well taken care of and I really like the Nurses I work with.
    Now here is my problem ....Intake and output charting seemed everyone just copies the person before I calculated some of the G-Tube Intakes and its not correct in the Marsheet ...I wrote the amount I calculated ..
    now it looks like I try to make everyone else look bad...
    any advise ..I don't want to alert the "state" when they come , to incorrect charting ....what would you have done??????
    any advise ...
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  3. by   zambezi
    Check your policy, then do your own adding (you can even have someone double check your math)...things change during the day/night so your inputs and outputs will often vary. I wouldn't worry about making others look bad, it is about what is right for the the other nurse may have been distracted and wrote down the wrong happens to the best...The next day you can ask to go over it with the nurse if it bothers you...tell her you were adding up your shift, this is how you did it and this is what you got...if you are doing it right, she can't really argue with you and it will give her a chance to explain how she did things (or give her a chance to correct a mistake), there is no need to be accusatory at all.
  4. by   ginger1023
    I will do that and find out ..I appreciate your answer
  5. by   purplemania
    write down what you know is correct. We are talking about YOUR license here. Sounds like the other nurses are taking the lazy way out.