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    My boyfriend and I are thinking of relocating from Jacksonville, Fl to Dallas, Tx. As of now, I'm a LPN with 4 years of experience in geriatrics/peds. I had a few questions, if anyone doesn't mind shedding some information. It would be greatly appreciated. For starters, we're in our mid-20's. So where exactly would you say was a good place for us to reside. Also, we have two pitbulls. I know Florida has breed restriction laws but I didn't know if Texas was just as strict. Secondly, how is the salary? And lastly, how is Texas living? Fast paced? Or pretty relaxed? As I am very familiar with since I've lived in Jacksonville for the past 10 years.

    Thank you again for your time.
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  3. by   HouTx
    First things first - go ahead and begin the process to obtain your Tx LVN license. If you run into any snags, it's better to know ahead of time, right? Please do not move until you have actually lined up a job. The market is too tight right now - taking a chance could lead to financial disaster!

    I would recommend waiting until after you land a job to determine where you are going to live. Commutes in the DFW area can be brutal & you don't want to waste that much time on the road. There is a wide variety of housing available in most areas, but you may have difficulty finding somewhere to accommodate your pets. There is no state-wide ordinance, but they are banned in the city of Garland (NE of Dallas).

    Dallas is not as laid back as other areas of TX, but I cannot provide you with specifics because I am not familiar with FLorida.
  4. by   ellebLPN
    I too, am looking to relocate to dallas from ohio. The market here is very tight and schools are backed up. If you have successfully relocated I would like feedback on the job market, pay and the vibe of the city.
  5. by   xandarosa
    Since you have experience, private duty nursing is pretty easy to get into until you're able to find what you want. I have heard dallas has bad traffic but I don't think Ft. Worth has the same problem but then again I'm from Houston which HORRIBLE traffic.