Collin College Spring 2013 applicants

  1. I recently applied to the nursing program for Spring 2013 but have not been a student at Collin College. I have heard numerous things about how you get accepted, the importance of the PSB score, whether or not you have a degree, etc. Anybody out there in the same boat as me? Wondering what's true and what isn't? I was also told we should get letters in the mail some time around September 11 either being accepted or rejected. True?

    Any knowledge on this would be great!
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  3. by   purplebubble10
    It usually does take about 6 weeks from the end of the application period for letters to be sent out. The PSB is very important. If you have 15 points but got all 6 points on the PSB, that is usually better than having 15 points but not getting all 6 points. Having a previous degree or having taken your prereqs at Collin does help but only really when comparing those with 15 points as there are usually many. If you have 16, then you are likely good to go. If you have 15, PSB is important and the other things could help or hurt you. Less than 15 is probably a slim chance that you will get in. How many points are you applying with? What are you other stats (ie GPA, PSB..)?
  4. by   parkerfro
    Hello pepper35, I am a 4th semester nursing student at Collin College set to graduate this Fall 2012. I will tell you everything I know about what you are asking. These things I am telling you is what many of us figured out along the way and after many semesters of hearing things I have put this together. This is my personal opinion, but I would bet on it too.

    1. You must make a PSB score of 5 or 6 or you might as well look elsewhere. Nobody gets in with 4 or less.
    2. Your overall score must be a 14 or higher. 13 havent gotten in for years now. One semester there were 15s that didnt get in. The Fall semester is the most competitive to get in with the spring being the easier one. The fall semester has 10 additional students from the Grow your own program.
    3. Extra hidden points. If you are a 14 overall with a 5 or higher PSB and have gotten wait listed, the easiest things to do are to take nurtrition, and chemistry 1405 or 1411. After that you need to consider retaking your prereqs to boost them to A's.
    4. If you have 16 points your are in easily.
    5. If you have 15 points your most likely in (only one semester some didnt).
    6. If you have 14, this is usually the cutoff. 14 is where the tiebreakers occur.
    Tiebreakers are the following:
    a. Did you take nutrition and chemistry?
    b. Are all your other classes for the nursing degree done?
    c. Do you have a degree already?
    d. Did you retake any classes (you would loose tiebreaks if you are a yes; if you retake classes it better get you to a 15 or 16 or you are doomed.)
    e. Are you a collin county resident?

    You will find out about September 15 of whether you get in or not. If you don't get in regardless of how many points you had, you are waitlisted.
    Waitlisted people do get picked up, but not many.

    And yes you can get into the program with only 2 prereqs done. Somebody in my class only took AP1 and stats and got in without having AP2 or Micro because they scored perfect on everything else. Of course they were taking AP2 in progress and took Micro before nursing school started. You must have all prereqs done at time that your respective semester starts.

    Fall class starts with 58 people.
    Spring with 48 people.
    3rd semester and 2nd semester add about 6-8 bridge(lvn/paramedics) students.

    About half of my class got in with only 14 points.
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  5. by   purplebubble10
    Great post by parkerfro! I will also add that our class that is coming in in the Fall let in at LEAST 4 waitlisters. The fourth person added did have 15 points, so it looks like most of our class had 15 or higher. There could have been more let in later with less, I just don't know. And parderfro could be right that the spring semester is the easier one to get in. Good luck to you!
  6. by   pepper35
    Thank you for responding purplebubble10! Very helpful! These are my stats:

    *Total points - 15
    *PSB - 6 points
    *Have previous degree
    *Worked in medical field for over 7 years
    *Completed AP1, AP2, Statistics, Microbiology - 4 points
    *Have completed all prerequisites
    *Cumulative Biology & Math GPA - 3.5 (2 points)
    *Overall cumulative GPA - 3.8 (3 points)

    I think the only thing not going for me at this point is I am not a Collin County resident.

    How do you think I stand regarding getting accepted? At least a chance I hope
  7. by   pepper35
    If Spring is easier to get into, then I suppose I got lucky applying when I did! I was attending TWU and applied there and didn't get in. Over 1000 applicants each application period. Crazy! I got accepted into NCTC for Fall 2012 but gave up my spot when I kept hearing horrible things about their program. I also got into Baylor University, but it's so "over the top" expensive! ($80,000) I haven't given up that spot yet, but I will if I get into Collin College for sure!
  8. by   pepper35
    Thank you so much for such great information! I have taken Nutrition and Chemistry and have A's in both courses. It's nice to find out the real truth about how people are chosen to get into the program. Like I was telling purplebubble10, I feel like I have a decent shot at getting in, but who knows what my competition looked like this semester.

    I did retake a few classes that I made Bs in years ago, but they are over five years old. Hopefully like you said, that won't come back to haunt me since I have 15 points.

    Thanks again and congratulations on graduating this December!!!
  9. by   ashnix21
    Hey guys! I've been waiting for someone to start a thread for Collin Spring 2013 admissions! I'm trying to cover all of my basis I have applied to TWU, Collin and Grayson so that I will hopefully get in at one of the schools. I think TWU is a long shot as my GPA for their program is only a 3.67, my TEAS score is a 89 & I only have 2 out of 6 bumps. I think my shot a getting into Collin is pretty good though... I have a 3.65 GPA for A&P 1 & 2, Micro, and Stat. My overall GPA is a 3.8. And I got 5 out of 6 on the PSB. So I am applying with 15 out of 16 points.

    I have heard horror stories on other threads about peoples application information being lost and I am so nervous that is going to happen to me. Anyone know if we should hear from someone verifying that they receive our application or do we just have to wait until they send out acceptance letters? I am wanting to call up there to verify that the correct person has my paperwork but I don't want to be a pest... has anyone else called up there?

    Good luck to everyone applying!!
  10. by   Medic2RN
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  11. by   pepper35
    Hello ashnix21! I have also heard horror stories about paperwork being lost. Keep your fingers crossed that doesn't happen to us I was a student at TWU for three years. Here are the things they look at as top priority:- GPA-preferences (bachelor degree)-first attempt A's in AP1, AP2, Stats, and Microbiology-TEAS V scoreYou have a high TEAS score which should help you since your GPA isn't super high. There is a .5 GPA bump for students that have taken 32 hours at TWU, but don't count on that to help much.Good luck!
  12. by   ashnix21
    I had an adviser at TWU tell me there wasn't actually .5 GPA bump that taking 32 hours at TWU was a preference with the same weight as all of the other preferences. Oh well! I will just have to wait and see! I am excited to find out that we don't have to wait as long as I though to find out about admission to Collin. I though letters wouldn't be sent until October but I am really happy to see that we only have a few more weeks of waiting to find out!

    Anyone know if they email acceptance letters or snail mail them?
  13. by   pepper35
    I was told by an advisor that they would've mailed by the USPS unfortunately. Waiting is killing me
  14. by   pepper35
    ...that they "would be" mailed... Darn auto correct!!