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Hello, I live in Austin, TX and am currently registering for classes at ACC, I have been considering moving to Dallas for a while now.. I am planning to do all my pre-reqs at ACC then transfer to a... Read More

  1. by   veronicarenae
    Awesome, that's exactly what I was looking to get into.. thanks..
  2. by   sdlane
    What about WGU Pre-licensure program in DALLAS ? Does anybody attend?
  3. by   RegisteredNurseRich
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    There is a sponsorship-type-thing available through El Centro via the Methodist campus. You would need to volunteer for at least 6 months and have 100 hours of service, but if you get in the program and agree to work for them for 30 months (or thereabouts) they will pay for tuition and books and supplies. Check out their website for more info, I'm hoping to get in this coming January.

    Methodist Health System

    FYI, guess who got in... (me)
  4. by   thomasphan
    Hi there,If you get into the El Centro program, you will be automatically admitted to the bridge program at UT Arlington. Hope that'll help.
  5. by   flowerpowernow
    Quote from RegisteredNurseRich
    FYI, guess who got in... (me)
    Hey- any advice on the volunteer option with Methodist? I'm thinking of doing this same thing. On the website it's not accepting volunteer apps for "nursing students" right now but they are accepting for regular adult volunteers. Can any volunteer do the El Centro partnership deal through Methodist as long as you're accepted into the school? Any shared knowledge you've acquired through the process comes greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. by   lhendersonlpn
    Im a LPN moving to Dallas, Texas. Looking for a good reasonable accreidted RN program to bridge. Any Suggetion?