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Hi! I've been checking to see if anyone has posted about applying to Baylor's fastbacc program starting in may 2013, but have yet to see anything. I applied there and was wondering who else has... Read More

  1. by   texastudent765
    I am interested!! I'm moving from Corpus Christi lol I've been doing a lot of searching for places other than the Marquis because I don't want to share the same offense. Most places want you to wait until 30 days before you move in so I postponed the search for now.
  2. by   blackrimmedglasses
    For people who are moving here, you may want to check out Power Properties. They have nice, affordable apartments very near to Baylor. I lived in one of their properties for a while when I first moved here. You can call Katie Ludwig... she helped me find my apartment and is very nice. 248-416-2202 Power Properties Apartment Rentals Dallas Texas | Apartment Rentals

    If you like lofts, the Gibson lofts and Futura are two loft buildings that are close to Baylor.
    Downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum Lofts for Rent - The Gibson Company
    Futura Lofts - Lofts for rent in downtown Dallas

    All of these places have apartments starting around $700.
  3. by   Cupcakes321
    Congrats to everyone that got accepted! To the ones that didn't, don't lose hope, you might have been waitlisted! What days are y'all going in for orientation? I wanted to go in on the 26th this Feb. but might have to just do the March 22nd one instead.
  4. by   Cupcakes321
    And aren't there on-campus Baylor affiliated apartments that are somewhat affordable that's close by the dallas campus ?
  5. by   Angie:RN:
    When I got my acceptance letter, it said that Orientation will be on May 9 and 10. Open house's days will vary according to Baylor website. Please keep me posted on the apartment search I have been looking and the Marquis is kinda expensive, but it's already furnished already and ready to move in. Here are the dates and I don't think Open House is mandatory. It's just there for you to check out the school and get a tour of it.
    LHSON Open House Dates: FastBacc Tuesday, February 26 2pm-4pm
    Friday, March 22 4pm-6pm
    Thurdsay, April 11 2pm-4pm
    Wednesday, May 1 2pm-4pm
  6. by   Cupcakes321
    O yea! I meant open house. O so its not mandatory then nvm, since i have been there last year on another one.
  7. by   Cupcakes321
    Do you guys know if the orientation is both May 9th and 10th or is it just May 9th OR 10th?
  8. by   sunshinelovely
    Hey future Fastbacc friends . . . I made us a group on Facebook!

    "Baylor LHSON - Fastbacc Class of 2014'

    If you know that you are definitely going to attend the Fastbacc class of '14, join the group so we can get to know each other!

    Message me if you have a problem finding it and I will send you an invite.
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  9. by   Cupcakes321
    NVM! it's both May 9th and 10th
  10. by   Angie:RN:
    I tried to find the group page, but I could not find it. It will help if you can send me the link.

    Is anyone going to be looking for roommates? Anyone relocating from the Houston area?

  11. by   texastudent765
    I also had trouble finding the group page. can someone send me the link as well.
  12. by   sunshinelovely
    Hi guys! About the fb group - I tried adding you, Aggie89, but I can't. I added another bc she sent me her email. Can you pm me your email? I can't send back a pm because I haven't posted enough.

    If we don't get it all together before orientation, we can get everyone's info then and add everyone . . . I just thought it would be cool to get to know each other ahead of time.

    Only 2 months!! So excited!!
  13. by   Certitude8
    Hello future classmates! I was accepted into the fastbacc program that starts in May at Baylor. You guys are obviously just as excited as I am about starting nursing school in a few months. I look forward to getting to know everyone