Austin/Seton Questions

  1. I'm looking into jobs in Austin, at Seton specifically, and I'm unclear on a couple of things. First, is my ONLY option as a new grad to do the Seton Versant/RN Residency program, or can I get hired on and not go through that program?

    I graduate May 1st and it looks like the Versant program starts June 15th. This is a bit too soon for me to start, because I have a house to sell and must move from North Carolina to Texas. Can I "defer" my start date in the program to the fall date?

    Any knowledge you can share would be appreciated.

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  3. by   abbabask
    Yes, i believe you do have to undergo the Versant program as a new grad, but I'm not 100% sure about that. And you can apply for any Versant start date you wish.. It doesn't have to be the one immediately following your graduation date. As long as you have less than a year of RN experience, you can do any start date you apply for.
  4. by   ccakes
    From what I know you have to start at that start date. Or you can apply with the summer graduates, and start when they start. I say this b/c they have "classes" that follow a certain schedule. For example I graduated in December and the versant program didn't start until Feb, and the next one was over the summer. Why don't you call the versant program coordinator and ask them. You could always apply to St.Davids too.
  5. by   KatieIowa23
    Yes, there are other start dates later than the June date that you could apply for. I believe as a new grad RN you must be hired as part of the grad residency program.