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  1. Hi, everyone-

    I am moving to the Austin area this late spring/early summer. I am a LVN looking for my RN. I was wondering if anyone has graduated from Austin CC and would like to know what their experience was?


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  3. by   hookem05

    I am currently an ADN student at ACC and love it. I don't know any RNs who went through ACC's mobility LVN-to-RN program, but ACC does have high NCLEX pass rates (approx. 97%). At my clinical last week I talked to a dialysis nurse who graduated last year - her entire class passed the NCLEX on the first attempt! The instructors are wonderful.

    Good luck!
  4. by   jmking
    How competitive is ACC, I know it maybe different since I am already an LPN. I may have to retake some of my prereqs. Not because of grades but some may be expiring soon.
  5. by   hookem05
    Double-check their website to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure they take applications for their LVN mobility program in the spring and the mobility track RN program begins only in the fall. I believe the mobility class that entered this fall took a while to fill because ACC has added quite a few seats to their RN program, so right now there are more seats than students.

    The traditional RN program admitted 150-160 students for this fall alone, plus approx. 40 LVN-to-RN students. As a result of the increase in size, the RN class for the spring was not full as of early September and the deadline for admission is open until the class is full. This is a good time to be applying to nursing school, I guess! ACC is trying to eliminate a waiting period altogether and get students admitted the first semester they apply, and a lot of that has to do with pressure from local hospitals to supply more nurses as the hospitals continue to expand. (There was an article in yesterday's Austin-American Statesman about the number of new hospitals and outpatient clinics that will open in central Texas over the next two years.)

    Also, I think the only prereqs that expire are microbiology and maybe physiology; again, you can confirm this at their website.
  6. by   jmking
    Thanks, hookem05.

    I've been trying to find an LPN-RN program in Washington before I leave but alot of them require you to work one year as an LPN, or they have changed their program format all together. I figured it would be better to try to go to school in Texas, it's probably just as competitive in Washington.

    By the way, is ACC a quarter or semester system?

  7. by   Hollistergal
    I am in the same boat! I am about to apply for the mobility program but am very nervous as to how competetive it is, so if anyone knows about how many people apply or any information let me know! Thanks
  8. by   brittanybmoore
    Same, I am about to move to Texas, but i am also very nervous about the "waiting list" and getting into the program. But i have heard so many good things about it.
  9. by   texasRN_14

    ACC is a semester system. Also, there are a few other ACC threads in this forum that might be of help to you. I will try to find and bump them up