Applying for endorsement of RN license from Kentucky to Texas

  1. Hey fellow nurses! I am a new grad, currently holding a Kentucky registered nurses license, and just moved to Texas. Both Kentucky and Texas are compact states, but I will need to change my license over sooner or later since Texas will hold my permanent address.

    Two questions:

    1. Can I be hired/ will an employer hire me with my Kentucky license? (it is multistate). Or, should I wait and apply for an endorsement from Texas?

    2. Has anyone ever gone through the process of having Texas endorse their current, unencumbered license from another state, while also having a misdemeanor (10 y/o DUI) on their record?

    At the point of wanting to get started in my career, and trying to figure out if I should wait, and take care of the Texas endorsement before I apply to hospitals.
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  3. by   Nrsing101
    i think you should atleast process the endorsement first so you could have a temporary Texas license while applying. Technically, you could practice within 90 days using your KY license but most of the recruiters will verify if you have a TX license via TX BON website. Most of the job postings here have a TX license requirement.
  4. by   artifex
    KY is a compact state so you're fine to work for 90 days under that license. I did this when I moved back here to TX from a compact state and there were no problems, no one cared as long as you got your TX license within 90 days. Can't answer #2, sorry!