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Hello, I am attempting to decide on a nursing school in the Houston area. Unfortunately, unless I win the lottery, I can not afford to go to school for 4 years to get a BSN. I will have to get... Read More

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    I graduated from LVN school from Galveston CC....not a bad school for LVN, horrible now from what I hear for the ADN program, it's falling apart. I'm currently taking pre-reqs at San Jac and College of the Mainland...steer clear of COM for nursing...everyone I work with and have talked to has failed atleast one semester at San Jac....I'm transitioning to my ADN starting this june at HCC only because they are the only school without a waiting list, one that accepts all LVN applicants, and has like 4 less pre-reqs than any other school, unfortunately I don't know anyone that's gone there or know anything about the school so I'm going in blindly. If anyone has gone through their LVN to RN transition please contact me! I only have a few weeks!
    Hi CV! As I'm sure you have read this thread that HCC's nursing program is not that good. I was so disheartened because that right now is my only chance in going to nursing school! So I'll be right there with ya! I hope to start my clinicals in the fall of 2006. I also read your thread about Pharmacology. I am way scared because of the horror stories I've heard about Pharm at HCC! I just went to an information session last week and they told us we could take Pharm elsewhere. That is very weird! But if you can test out of it...more power to you! Good luck to you!