Anyone going through Excelsior?

  1. Anyone here in Texas going through the Excelsior program?

    Let me know!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I went through it, but it has been almost a couple of years. Feel free to send me a PM if I can help with any questions. Also check out the Distance Learning Forum.
  4. by   Ashera
    Quote from DaveUproar
    Anyone here in Texas going through the Excelsior program?

    Let me know!

    I just yesterday - pushed that fat envelope over the mail slot sending in all my enrollment papers and first payment. Transcripts are in route. I had applied and was accepted 4 years ago and had my transcripts evaluated and was good to go - and I sat on it - worked too hard and couldn't work up the commitment I needed - as well as money. So - I decided to go for it again when I received a letter stating the curriculum would change Oct 1 - used that as the excuse to jump -
    My transcripts had to be resubmitted because if they are issued over 6 months back - they distroy them. I did not have to reapply -
    So the papers are in the mail - I hope to hear very soon about what my next step is.

    Eric's suggestion about Distance Learning forum is right on. I've been reading every letter there for days - Lot's of information, support and just a bunch of great nurses for reassurance.

    So....gonna do it???

    Good luck!
  5. by   DLO, BSN, RN
    Am I going to do it? Heck yeah!

    I'm curious though, what all did you have to do to apply? I'm wondering if I should go ahead and send them my transcripts? My LVN school transcripts are spottless, but the transcripts I have from my previous college are riddled with W's (withdrawn), but my GPA is a healthy 3.8. Think I'll have any trouble applying?


  6. by   rachelgp
    You shouldn't have any problem. Remember, they don't really make any money from you unless you're a student--and they want the business! I just graduated from there in February, so if there's anything I can help you with, let me know. Good luck!
  7. by   DLO, BSN, RN
    Hey there,

    Did you purchase the recommended books or did you use College Network/Chancellor's, etc?

  8. by   rachelgp
    I went through Rue for mine, and had no problems.
  9. by   vamedic4
    Oooooh oooh, I'm just north of Big D and I'm going through it!!

  10. by   EricJRN
    Quote from vamedic4
    Oooooh oooh, I'm just north of Big D and I'm going through it!!

    Hey, that's a Mark Chesnutt tune.
  11. by   Broombug
    I just graduated from Excelsior in December. I used Chancellor but bought the study guides on ebay. Much cheaper.
  12. by   chyke
    Looking for major advice on obtaining my A.S rn. I am currently an LPN and have been one to two years in Mass. I recently got laid off from a state correctional facility and decided it was opportunty to endeavour.
    As of march 09 i signed up wit the college network ( a lot of controversy) , however during my investigation, i learnt that using the excelsior study guide and taking the eight ( classes and exams) and i believe one Nsg concept class, i should be able to take and pass my boards.
    If this sounds right please kindly advice me.
    Also can this be done within four months ( not having to work)?
    ????How many hrs of study a day is recommended?
    I am using the txt bk suggestions from the excelsior study guides and answering the questions at end of ea chap.
    What i s the best way for me to ennsure success, please any advice?
    I am not currently working and have started the essentials of nursing care: Health and safety
    What is CPNE? is it necessary to take classes like the essentials, chronicity, pharm ? or can i go straight to NC1,2,3,4 and whatever else?
    i have been an lpn for two years, and am currently utilizing the txt bks from the EC study guides to prep for EC A.S RN & NCLEX.
    I am currently umemployed and trying to accomplish this thing within the time frame of recieveing UI benefits and i have about 4months left of UI ( unemployment benefits)
  13. by   charlyrn
    I did it 12 years ago, I would only recommend it for experienced LVN's, and only if you can't attend a local school. You miss so much by not having instructors in specific classes, not to mention the classmates you don't have.
    It's difficult, requires a lot of self-discipline, and I still call the clinical tests the "Tests from Hell"
  14. by   charlyrn
    went back and read your whole post, and wanted to add that you need excellent hospital clinical skills to pass the clinicals, LTC, office nurses etc that were testing when I did, didn't pass their clinicals. I had the advantage of working in a rural hospital where many times I had to do the same job as an RN, I thinks that's the only reason I passed clinicals.