Anyone ever heard about Texas A&M International University???

  1. Hello all! I was just curious to know if there are any Texas A&M International University BSN applicants that have gotten accepted to start this spring?

    When I tell people that I got in to TAMIU, the first thing I normally hear is "Where is that?" Is that school really that unknown? I think this school is a GEM! It's a new university (about 30 years old), their BSN nursing progam does NOT have much competition (my application period had like 120 applicants for 80 spots, Spring and summer entry). They have never had a wait list, I was told. The people are EXTREMELY nice (I mean like an overdose on happy pills kind of nice) And the NCLEX pass rates are amazing! And They give EVERYBODY a chance to succeed. (even if your GPA is not so stellar)

    I live in Houston and I know how unnecessarily tough it is to get into any school! This school is DEFINATLY worth a look!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Is this the campus that used to be called Pan American? TAMU and UT went on a big expansion mode over the last couple decades - taking over smaller, independent schools. I can't keep track of the name changes.
  4. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    No, not The University of Texas-Pan American, I know the one you are talking about. But yes, The Texas A&M system is spreading!
  5. by   Kymberlee
    Yes I have heard of it! I live 50 mi. away. I also plan to apply for the BSN program in Spring 14' this past summer I applied for the ADN program at Laredo Community College but was 2 points away on the one section of the HESI. Also, I do not know if I should apply for the ADN again this summer or just go ahead with BSN program.