Any LVN's from the Galveston area?

  1. I just received my temporary Texas LVN license after moving from Louisiana. Can anyone from the Galveston to Houston area give me a little input on the job market and pay scale in this area? Thanks for any input you can give.
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  3. by   LUVtxNursing
    Well I can't tell you about the Houston/Galveston area, although I have heard that you stand a better chance of getting a job in Houston if you are an RN and the pay is good. I live in the Beaumont/Pt. Arthur area and the job market is very good for LVN's both in the hospital and LTC. Pay is competitve. One hospital pays $18.00/hr for PRN with no benefits, and about $12.00(new grad pay) with benefits, and their benefit package is excellent. Another smaller hospital pays around $16.00/hr with full benefits for LVN's, but they have not been hiring any new nurses lately. I just graduated from an LVN program and I am not working yet, but have been researching and that is what I have come up with so far. The average pay for LVN's in the Nursing homes is $16.00/hr with no experience. Sorry I couldn't tell you about Galveston/Houston area, but since I live close to there I thought that might help you. Good Luck!!
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    Thanks for the input. Seems about the same as Lousiana pay -- maybe a little lower. Good luck in your nursing career.