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Hello everyone, Im new to the board and im curious where do i find a free cna training. I just moved to fort worth, texas and Im so clueless right now. please help and any help is really helpful.... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    If you're willing to drive west to the Fort Worth side of the metroplex, Fort Worth Nursing and Rehab Center offers free CNA training. Their telephone number is (817) 698-0490 if you're interested.
  2. by   stacygirl
    Quote from TheCommuter
    If you're willing to drive west to the Fort Worth side of the metroplex, Fort Worth Nursing and Rehab Center offers free CNA training. Their telephone number is (817) 698-0490 if you're interested.
    Do you happen to have any info on this place - such as how long the course is, hours/days, how long you have to work for them (I'm assuming if they pay for it, they will want you to work for them, right?).

    I'm back & forth on when to get started with a CNA class. I'm very close to finishing up all the pre-reqs for NS and not sure if I can squeeze CNA in with my classes right now and still make good grade. I'm thinking early next year some time would be perfect for me.
  3. by   meka9950
    thank you for the info. i also found one in red oak tx.
    red oak health & rehabilitation

    101 reese dr
    red oak, tx 75154 [color=#2a94d1]map
    • (469) 552-0500
  4. by   Johnlee2008
    Hi. I would really appreciate it if I can get some feedback on this. What are some good or great nursing aide/CNA schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? I would like to attend a CNA school with a good reputation and that has a good job placement assistance program. Any feedback will be thankful.

  5. by   jules2653
    I am working on my prerequisites for nursing school and I decided to get my cna training. TCC and Dunbars' cna training program are full. I am looking for a place that offers night classes because I have children. Harris Methodist Fort Worth said they will offer training in Sept. but they will not give me information about it. I don't know if their classes are in the morning. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it!

    Thank you
  6. by   TheCommuter
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  7. by   jules2653
    I called the Fort Worth Nursing and Rehab Center. They want you to work their after you receive training. I plan on working at Harris Methodist after I get trained. I don't mind paying for the training as long as its not a ridiculous amount.
  8. by   lilymealways
    You should check with convalesant or assisted living facilities.alot of them have classes that the facilitie teachs on the job. you work as a Nursing Assistant until you finish training and go thru certification exam
  9. by   collegegirl972
    I'm in Nursing school now but I went to nurses aid academy in lancaster, tx (south DFW) its around $400 and 4 weeks of classes plus a week break and then you test with the state. They provide the book so all you need is scrubs.
  10. by   Speed Freak
    A little late in the discussion but Baptist Memorial in San Angelo, Texas is offering free CNA training and certification. They will pay you while in training. That is how I am getting my foot in the door.
  11. by   ADNStudentTX
    In Texas, go to:

    Then look on the provider list link on the left of screen. there is a free class in Ft Worth. Dunbar, takes 2.5 months. Best value I found was Nurse Aide Academy in Lancaster; $450 & takes 4 weeks for school & another 3 until test.
  12. by   leah6969
    hi my name is leah and i am fixing to start some training my self it is in azle and it is called azle manor nursing home . You can call info ... and they will give ya the numeber the next classes for singh up is march 5th so if you go get an app you can make it on time azle is about 20 min out side of fort worth . the classes and training are free and thay last for 6wks . you get paid durining 6.65 a hr after you complete the training and classes your pay will go up to 9.00 to 9.75 or more depending on what shift you work no less than 9.00 thow ! well I hope I helped ya out some
  13. by   chill1965
    Quote from Grumpy38
    I am looking for Cna classes in the DFW area and not having good luck. Has anyone heard of CTK healthcare? Just wanted to know more about the one place i found thank you
    go to back and put in dallas area,and then click medical jobs,you should find some schools,thats where I find the teaching jobs for cna classes at for nurses