1. Hi! All
    I am preparing to take the ACLS course and was wondering how well did you do or not do on the test.

    Also if having it has made a difference in obtaining a job.

    And lastly any pointers would be appreciated.
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  3. by   RN1989
    Yes, having ACLS makes a difference in being able to get jobs.

    You WILL pass. It is not like it was when we used to take it and the instructors purposely tried to make you fail and you had to memorize everything by rote with no room for error. Unless you are so clueless that you are unable to follow the very obvious hints that the instructors give for those who aren't familiar with the material, there is no way to fail anymore. The AHA has greatly loosened the grading criteria for all their courses and I have yet to see anyone fail these days.