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  1. I am going to finish all my prereqs this fall (2012) and apply for the fall 2013 program. From everything I have read online, it seems that there is a shortage of professors and this is why so few students are admitted. Can this be expected to change? I find it kind of ridiculous that even with a perfect score of 56, many students are not being accepted their first time due to the huge number of reapplicants. Since I am not going to be accepted the first time (my predicted score is 53.5), would it be worth it to retake classes to get a higher rank? I realize it would help, but if I do not retake any courses my score will be a 58.5 upon reapplying. Is this a high enough rank? I am planning on taking additional classes while I wait in hopes of completed the bridge program at UT. Online it says a 3.0 GPA, but is this a 3.0 in the nursing program or for the additional prereqs or what? I have many of the bridge courses already completed from dual credit highschool program, would these count? Has anyone completed this program or is currently in it?
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  3. by   katetexas
    The lowest acceptance for fall 2012Was 59.8 so it's worth it to retake some classes.
  4. by   carmelite
    I just took my HESI today, and think I am all lined up to turn in my application in a couple of weeks for Fall 2013!

    I tried to figure out my points based on the info. on the website, but am not sure I'm doing it correctly. It's:

    (Nursing Plan GPA X #of degree plan courses taken) + HESI points + review points

    Is that correct? If so, what counts as a course on the degree plan? Is Physio lecture one course and lab a different course? I've taken all of the prereq's and coreq's, so how many is that? If lecture and lab combine to count as one, than that looks like 10 total possible courses, to me.

    If I am calculating correctly, than it looks to me like I have 56 points. Does that sound right?

    Thanks guys!
  5. by   Naturally Brilliant
    This might be a really stupid question, but you don't need letters of recommendation for this program, do you?
  6. by   nickasarbata
    lejpej - Just now seeing your message so you may already be retaking some classes. Their system is pretty ridiculous, but it's because we're now competing with so many other schools for clinical sites. I had the max 56 points my first time applying and didn't get in. Don't forget that once you apply and take Nursing Skills, that will also count to your points, so everything will be multiplied by 11 instead of 10. So my first application I had 56 and the second I had 65. I'd advise against retaking classes over at this point with the score you have. The reapplication points plus the nursing skills class should give you enough to get in. I'd start working on BSN prerequisites while you wait. I had three full semesters (including the summer) between finishing my last ACC prerequisite and starting the program, and in those three semesters I got ALL of my BSN prerequisites done which will make for a quick transition to the BSN. Work on those and you'll be in the program before you know it. Don't waste time and money retaking classes to give you a quarter of a point higher on your reapplication points. The days of needing perfect scores are over, they're not enough anymore. You need reapplication points, so just work on BSN stuff in the meantime and soon you'll be in the program!
  7. by   hyunjung001
    This might be a stupid question but what is nursing skills? Do you need this class to sign up for nursing courses? And what does petition for nursing skills mean? If I have 56 points the first time I apply but turn in my application late(like last week of application deadline) do i still hold a chance to get offered nursing skills class?
  8. by   Austin404
    Just want to wish all of the applicants for Fall 2013 good luck! I'm currently a Level 2 student at CEC. I know this has been said again and again, but it would be a really good idea to start BSN classes while you're waiting to get in the program. Hope everyone is enjoying their spring.
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  9. by   Austin404

    Nursing skills is a required class that you have to take the semester (or two) before you start Level 1. You're not officially able to register for it until the nursing department grants you access via petition. A petition for nursing skills is granted when you have enough points to possibly be admitted to the program. I say possibly, because they usually send petitions to more students than they will accept so they will have a good number of applicants in case students defer or are not able to enter the program due to background checks. In my case, I received a petition one year before I was able to start Level 1 (I'm currently in level 2). With that said, you never know if you're going to get one or not until you actually get one. It all depends on where you fall in the applicant pool and the number of spots they plan to accept.

    The class itself focuses on very basic nursing skills that you will need in clinical: bed making, bed baths, how to apply restraints, taking vital signs, collecting basic specimens, and so on. It has a classroom component and a lab component that is taught at an ACC campus.
  10. by   Austin404
    Naturally Brilliant,

    No, you don't. Admission is solely based on the formula posted on the ACC ADN Website. Basically: GPA X # of prereq classes taken + HESI Score + review points.
  11. by   hyunjung001

    Do you mind asking me your stats when you were granted a petition to take nursing skills? This waiting game is going to be so loooong
  12. by   Austin404

    I was in the 55 range when I received one.
  13. by   AmberKC
    It will feel like forever, and you will change the name of the "waiting game" to the "Hurry up and Wait Game" You'll know what I mean soon But it is so worth the wait, and the time FLIES once you're in the program! Good luck to all of you!!!
  14. by   carmelite
    Just got my score report, and I did get a 56! I doubt I'll get in this Fall anyway, hopefully I will in the Spring (Spring 2014). I second the advice of nickasarbata. I am using my waiting time to knock out credits I'll need for my ADN-BSN transition. I should be done with them by the time I get in. Also, you will want to take Statistics if you think you may be getting in Fall 2014 or later (new requirement), but you need that for the BSN anyway. Waiting's not so bad when I consider that I am making progress on my BSN. I would have had to take these classes sometime. Good luck everyone!