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Hi there, everyone on this site...im a registered nurse here in the philippines, and im one of the million filipino nurse who are planning of working in the US. I hope someday i will be able to... Read More

  1. by   puri
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    Hi I'm also a Pinay RN... Got my U.S. license last March 15, 06 via New Mexico BON (compact state) but will be practicing in TX. I have signed up for Baptist Health System in San Antonio.<< hope its a nice place w/ minimal or no discrimination for newbies and different races.
    I'm presently wiating like forever for my visa. Right now, I'm waiting for an interview w/ the U.S embassy in Manila. My expected take off is 1st quarter 07. But now w/ the retrogression, lets just say 10 years later? Kidding.

    I have an RN aunt that practices in Houston, TX. I have another aunt, a teacher, also in houston. Guess we'll be having a fam. reunion anytime soon?

    Welpz, lets just pray. Mabuhay to y'all!
    Hi!Are you in Texas now?Im from the philippines too.I recently passed my NCLEX-RN and IELTS . My prospective employer is Valley Baptist Medical Center in Mc allen Texas .Hows life in texas?Do you have any idea about the place and the hospital?
  2. by   puri
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    Good luck to all...
    Texas is nice. I love it here. Been here for 14 years. Can't imagine working anywhere.
    I'm at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Anywhere it Texas is great!
    Good luck.... can't wait to see the Philippines this december.
    Hello! Im from the Philippines..... Im new to this profession.I Just recently passed NCLEX-RN and IELTS...and right now, my prospective employer is Valley Baptist Medical Center. I would truly appreciate for any advice you could give me on this hospital ?Tips on how I could adapt to texan culture?What mc Allen look like? Thanks so much
  3. by   LeeTendayi
    Im in London Uk and passed my NCLEX this last monady. an interested in coming to work in TX as well Dallas area. Im a Paeds Nurse do you know ant hospitals that can petition a foreign trained nurse. Are ther many jobs in Dallas area , and what are nice areas to leave in, I mean decent neighbourhoods. Just names of araeas so I could look up housing. Much appreciated.