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Hello everyone. I recently passed AANP certification. I am now a FNP-C . I am planning to relocate to Texas, can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a Texas NP license? I have a compact state RN license, so there should be no need to apply for a Texas RN license. Also how would I apply for a MPI number? Is this something I should do or does the employer do this part as well?


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I'm not a NP however I know at my facility (large physician owned multi hospital organization) the facility will set up your NPI, switch your license location etc for you during the orientation. When we hire a provider it takes about two months from hire date to actually being in the office practicing. I'm assuming a large part of the wait time is the paperwork.


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Endorsement in Texas takes forever, I passed my boards in September, I applied for my NP license and I just got it last week. Buckle up ....give and take if you have everything they need 4 to 6 weeks. And you need a license before NPI, DPS, DEA, ETC.....Good luck


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You will have to have your Texas license! They say it's compact but when I relocated to Texas a year ago I had to have Texas license before I started my job.