texas new RN do i get an ID Card?



pardon me if this is the wrong area i made a new topic.

i passed the RN nclex august 2013 1st time taker.

fast forward today.. im applying for a hospital position here in houston texas.

the HR department is looking for a physical RN ID card. which,, i dont have.

i just printed the online Texas Bon licensure verification and gave them a copy.

Do texas Bon give a physical RN id license card?

or as i have read, they just do online verification?

im quite lost on this part.

hope someone can help me...

thanks to all!

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I've never heard of this. When you pass NCLEX, you are issued a license # - it's important that you keep track of this just like your SSN. TxBON stopped issuing paper licenses a long time ago. Licenses are verified online by employers after they have verified the 'true identity' of the nurse.... this is accomplished via your driver's license or other primary document (passport, state ID, etc) that has your picture on it. So, if you provide your drivers license & RN license #, they are supposed to verify your current licensure.

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They stopped giving out an actual licence several years ago.