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Hey all. I'm 4 years sober, am moving back to Texas where I have a delinquent LVN license (I just didn't renew it when I left 5 years for New York). I have a DWAI conviction from late 2015, which is Driving While Ability Impaired and doesn't exist in most states, but it's lower than a DUI here in New York (only a violation and not a misdemeanor), but I know I will have to claim it on the eligibility questions. I was never diverted and never had any issues w/ my license, completed treatment and have not drank since April 2016. Just for background. I know I'll have to answer yes to the question about any citations or charges the board is unaware of, and that I have a history of an alcohol addiction.

My question is: what comes next? Do they do an investigation? Do I have to prove myself? I have googled endlessly and can't find much, and the plan is to join my partner in January, so I'm trying to get the ball rolling in preparation of what could happen, but was wondering if anyone had experience with the Texas BON around this.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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I don't have much advice to offer but just wanted to say congratulations on your sobriety.