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I need help. I live in Ft Worth, TX.

I've got 2 semesters left before I graduate. I've been trying to get a job in ANY local ER. A tech job, nurse internship, ANYTHING. I'll sweep floors, answer phones, ANYTHING.

How do I accomplish this? I've called and I feel as though I'm getting the complete RUN-AROUND. One hospital said, We wont hire until October. Another said ER if off limits for new nurses and students. Another hospital said No positions open, check back later on our website. Etc. Etc.

Any advice/help? I've also tried networking and I can't find anyone in ER that I know or anyone I know in hospital that can help me? Frustrated and Desperate.

Thanks in advance.


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hello, are you willing to move or do you want to stay in f.worth? last i heard, they're hiring rn's in lubbock!

good luck!


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Go to each hospitals web site and look for "open positions" and apply for each one. Then, call a week later to light the fire. If there is an actual position available, and you have applied, you have the right to call and bug them till you hear something.



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Thanks John, I've tried that, only problem is I can't find anything in the ER .

Medsurg? sure ICU? sure Psych? Yeap

No ER anywhere I can find.


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In that case, you might have to go with what you can find and then ease in "the back door."

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