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I had to send a declatory paid the 150 etc before entering nursing school... Got this letter back last year After doing my declatory order for the Texas BON i recieved a letter stating I'm eligible to take the NCLEX. In the letter it also states " NINETY TO ONE HUNDREDTWENTY DAYS PRIOR TO GRADUATION YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT THE PAPER VERISON OF THE NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION APPLICATION, DECLARE YOUR ELIGIBILITY ISSUE, ATTACH A COPY OF THIS LETTER AND THE APPROPRIATE FEE." I understand everything except DECLARE YOR ELIGIBILITY ISSUSE. What does that mean? The letter I'm attaching just says that upon meeting the reQuirements of graduation and payment of any required fees, I'm eligible to take the NCLEX." Well I graduate in May .. And still have no idea what that means? Thanks!


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Hi Heather,

Was that letter the only one you received from the board? Did the letter say that "no further action is needed and your case is closed?" Did they recommend you any stipulations?

The fact that it says you are eligible to sit for nclex, I think you are fine. It's about 120 days until May so I would go ahead and send in the paper application just in case there are any issues, you have plenty of time to resolve it.


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What was the reason you had to write a declatory letter to the BON to begin with?

If it was regarding some past criminal or substance abuse issue, I would assume that would be what they are referring to. They just want you to note what the issue was, then attach the letter showing they have reviewed your case & cleared you to test so they don't have to go through all your old records.