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Wanted to get some opinions on test taking order. Im trying to knock the rest of my tests out while the FCCA is still allowed to be taken at home with pencil/paper. Im already sheduled for repro in the next week and a half, hopefully I can schedule to take transitions the same week. That only leaves HD 1, 2 and 3. I know alot of people take these is numberical order and say that they build off of each other. Im thinking of taking HD 3 first, the material just seems to click with me better than the cardiology stuff. As anyone out there taken them out of order? Did you feel it was more difficult??




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I don't think it matters what order you take them in. I've done mine out of order. Many people take the last one first in order to get it out of the way. I did that. Otherwise, you just study for each one individually and take them in whatever order makes sense to you, such as 'easy' ones first, or 'hard' ones first. It really doesn't matter.

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I took them out of order. I went with NC1, NC6, NC7, NC3, NC4, NC5. I didn't have to do NC2. I took microbiology on the same day that I took NC1. It didn't matter what order I took them in. I didn't really think they built off each other at all with the exception of NC1 being sort of the logical choice as being first.

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