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Im a nursing student in my first semester and I'm about to take my first test on Tuesday but I cant get a hold of the instructor and none of my students know or haven't replied yet. But anyway if you guys by any chance know anything let me know.

I have a question about PES and NANDA. I understand that the etiology is the factors causing the actual problem, like 'what the client is doing or not doing or bc of age' thats causing the problem. I want to know w/ the diagnostic label, is there going to be a list of the NANDA's or are we suppose to know what they are to determine a nursing diagnosis? Am I making any sense? =(


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I am a little confused by your question, but I will do my best to explain. For example lets say you have a pt w/ anemia. Anemia is a medical diagnosis, I was taught that the nursing diagnosis is pretty much the definition/description of the medical diagnosis. Nursing Diagnosis: Impaired gas exchange (Always NANDA diagnosis) r/t reduced oxygen carrying capacity of blood AEB a low RBC count. Investing in a good careplan book that u can understand is key (I have 3) bc that is where u obtain your NANDA diagnosis, label & etiology to go along w/ it. Hope that helps, Good Luck.

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