Test anxiety anyone?

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i had test anxiety alot last semester :bugeyes:. my instructor told me one thing that really helped me. read at your normal reading speed. say to yourself, "i am giving myself 1 hour to take this test," as opposed to sayin, "my teacher is giving me 1 hour to take this test."


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I have really bad test anxiety! I really need to start calming down and really keep a positive attitude... that's what gets me...


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I just tell myself that I will not be rushed. I also skip the things I don't readily know and go back to them once I've completed everything what I'm sure of. That way I feel comfortable that I have at least made it to the end of the test. If you relax you are less likely to read a question wrong and make avoidable mistakes. Question: Are you so nervous because you are not confident that you know the material? Being confident in what you know goes a long way on test day. Good luck!


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I used to get test anxiety pretty bad, but have discovered that if I make sure I am really prepared, I do well with the anxiety. I also don't sit there and cram while waiting for the exam to begin. When I do that I tend to mix things up or misread something and then I set myself in a tail-spin.

I used to skip questions that I didn't know and then go back to them all the time. I've been trying to get myself out of that habit though because you don't have that luxury when you take the NCLEX and I wanted to try to get out of the habit. However, the test in class aren't the NCLEX, so I do answer them to the best of my ability(to break the habit), but I do go back when I am all done and re-read them and check them over.


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I have horrible test anxiety and failed my nclex the first time, any tips. i can't skip the ones i have trouble with and go back.


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O man, I have text anxiety too. What helps me is that I have to get rid of the negative talk in my head. Before the exam I pray, and tell myself that I know my stuff, and that I can do this. I also do not enter the classroom until 5 minutes before the exam starts. All my classmates do nothing but freak me out! I read slowly, and if I don't feel like I 100% know the answer I will skip it, and I go back to those at the end. Also during exams, I focus so hard--that the smallest noise can--not only really get on my nerves--but it makes me loose my train of thought---so, I started to get earplugs and that helps tune everything out. I hope this helps, and good luck to you.

Ditto on the test anxiety. It used to be so bad, like my heart rate would jump insanely, and I would feel so rushed. I would zip through the test so quickly and my grades use to suffer so much before I got my test anxiety under control. The problem I had was that I would feel so much pressure, that I wouldn't read the question carefully and of course, missed an answer that I would otherwise actually got right had I READ the question.

It's better now. Before the test, I make sure that I study well and thoroughly. Right before the test is handed to me, I take a few deep breaths to relax and calm myself, and I make sure to read every question slowly. After I finish the test, I now always go back and read every question to make sure that I answered what I WANT to answer. I found out quickly that just going back to read questions, I would gain a point or two because I misread or misinterpreted a question initially!! So it definitely helps!


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bgood1967-Question: Are you so nervous because you are not confident that you know the material? Being confident in what you know goes a long way on test day. Good luck!

No I get nervous because I'm not that confident in general. I know that I know the material because I study alot for my exams. One time when my exboyfriend was quizzing me he quite often said, "don't second guess yourself, I know you know this." Other times he said, "Come on what is the answer, NOW! Tell me NOW!" Of course after I told him, I got it right.


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How do u handle yourself when all those students are nervous around you & are studying like mad women the last minute? It's like yea I want to talk w/ my classmates about the test, but they all just make me more nervous.

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